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Liberals: The Real Race Peddlers
  5 Jul 2012     7:52 pm

I am a republican. I don’t like black people.
At least, this is what liberals believe about the GOP. Our views of the president and Eric Holder have nothing to do with policy. They have nothing to do with mind-boggling legislation that damages middle-class workers and endangers job creation. No, the Left really and truly believes that the GOP wants to fight a race war with the black community. Even the members of the GOP who happen to, like myself, be black.
The harpies of the Left have been playing the race-card …

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The Truth About the Gay Left ( from a gay conservative)
  27 Jun 2012     12:08 am

The gay Left must come to an end.
This isn’t to say that I wish harm to the minions of the liberal gay community, but rather that the time has arrived for a more reasonable and rational debate, freed from the intolerance and bigotry of the champions of far-left gay advocacy. And this debate can never, and will never, occur as long as people like Dan Savage remain the best possible choices to represent a growing collective of activists.
I, along with many other gay conservatives, took issue with the creator of …

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No, the SB 1070 Ruling is not a Victory for Arizona
  26 Jun 2012     12:01 am

Forgive my pessimism, but I fail to see how exactly anyone but illegal immigrants and liberals won in the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070, the controversial Arizona law that was intended to hold illegal aliens accountable.
Much of the meat and potatoes of the law was tossed; in fact, in my humble opinion, the most important and effective parts of the legislation was curbed, leaving Arizona with a shell of what once was a means of addressing the ballooning immigration issue.It is the most contentious part of the bill, the …

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