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Yes, Romney was the Problem
  9 Nov 2012     1:37 am

The GOP establishment and some conservative pundits, such as Ann Coulter, are in full defense mode, claiming that Romney is not responsible for losing to an incumbent responsible for perhaps the most damaging fiscal crises in our nation’s history.   Don’t believe it.  Romney IS responsible for wasting a billion dollars carry out an issue-free campaign full of simple-minded platitudes.   Indeed, Coulter is leading the charge with her recent column titled, Don’t Blame Romney.  It’s sweet to watch Coulter defend her darling Romney, but let’s get real.
The reality is that Romney …

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The Romney Fiscal Record: the 800 lb gorilla in the room that everyone ignores
  19 Mar 2012     12:10 am

With the Romney record on social issues all over the ideological map, the standard fallback line used by Romney partisans is that his outstanding business management experience and, by extension, his allegedly brilliant performance managing the liberal state of Massachusetts, make him a great presidential candidate.  This record, we are told, qualifies him to not only be president but should earn him the support of the conservative movement.
However, business management experience does not necessary guarantee a person will govern as a conservative.  There have been many liberal presidents with business …

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Why is Romney being supported by the Global Warming Crowd?
  12 Mar 2012     2:36 am

How depressing.  Conservatives remain divided this election cycle while the most liberal candidate for the GOP nomination in decades continues to pile up delegates. Meanwhile, the evidence continues to mount that Romney will govern to the left of George Bush – either one.  Romney’s effort to portray himself as a conservative has had great success, primarily due to a black out on Romney’s record not only by the mainstream press but also by much of the conservative media. Moreover, much of America’s conservative “leadership” has decided to give Romney a …

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Romney: A Conservative on Immigration?
  28 Feb 2012     12:06 am

One of the biggest myths of the 2012 presidential campaign, propagated by Team Romney and the mainstream media, is that Willard Mitt Romney is a hard-liner on immigration issues. One easily could reach that conclusion if Romney were judged on his speeches, press releases, and sound bites.
However, as all conservatives should know, it is foolish to predict how a politician will govern based on campaign rhetoric. The more reliable way to determine a candidate‘s position is to review his actual record.
It is clear the Romney campaign, beginning with his 2008 …

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Do voters know Romney’s views on Global Warming?
  18 Feb 2012     12:35 am

Early on in the 2012 campaign Mitt Romney expressed support for global warming in various ways, the typical comment being this: “I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that.” He holds this belief despite the growing body of evidence that global warming theory is based upon false assumptions and despite the last two winters being among the coldest in recent history. Romney has also called for the Federal government to “reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse …

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CPAC Straw Vote Victory Reveals Romney’s Phoniness
  13 Feb 2012     12:07 am

Well, Romney won the CPAC straw vote but what the media does not report is the extent to which Romney rigged the vote. His campaign bused in hundreds of College Republicans from all over, paid their registration fees, their hotel rooms, and even provided pizza for them. All the campaign demanded in return is that they vote for Romney. I talked to some of these kids the last time Romney did this in ’08, and most of them didn’t know the first thing about Romney. The most common sentiment was …

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Many Conservatives Were Shocked By Ann Coulter
  7 Feb 2012     12:10 am

I was going to blog about Romney’s recent flip-flops on the minimum wage issue and bilingual education – flip-flop #36 and #37, but when I saw Ann Coulter’s recent column praising RomneyCare, I have to admit, I just lost it. She called RomneyCare “free-market” and claims it’s a “conservative” approach to health care. Apparently, the individual mandate is something we conservatives should all run out into the streets and start celebrating. I was shocked.
One of her arguments seems to be that a number of conservative politicians …

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Romney Comes to the Rescue of the First Amendment? Give me a Break!
  3 Feb 2012     3:25 am

There was quite a fuss this week over how ObamaCare will trample religious freedom by requiring religious hospitals, colleges and charities to provide insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and the ”morning-after” abortion pill, all of which are opposed by the Catholic Church and the latter opposed by most protestant denominations.
Romney stepped into the brouhaha by denouncing this action as an assault upon the First Amendment which, of course, guarantees the freedom to practice one’s religion without government interference. He even heroically said he would overturn such regulations …

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Romney Contributed $10,000 to Radical Gay Group In 2004
  31 Jan 2012     4:06 am

Over the last few weeks or so, various elements of the mainstream media have reported that, aside from gay marriage, Romney continues to support much of the gay agenda. He does not talk about his positions on gay issues but if questioned, he invariably comes down on the liberal side. Indeed, Romney has come out in support of allowing gays to serve openly in the military, “anti-discrimination” laws, domestic partnerships and gay adoption rights. Of course, all of these positions come at the expense of the constitutional rights …

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