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Amusing Encounters with Liberals
  1 Oct 2010     7:09 pm

I often wish that I could keep a journal of all the outrageous encounters and conversations in which I routinely end up stuck; here’s an attempt at recording one of them.
One of my colleagues, who prides himself on his left-leaning views, tends to make it his mission in life to get me riled over the political issue of the week. Last week’s issue was Tony Perkins and the Values Voter Summit, and after spending an entire lunch hour of my life listening to his theatrical rants against …

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You Know You’ve Made It When You’ve Evoked Obama-wrath
  13 Aug 2010     3:56 pm

These days, I’m not so sure that it’s a BAD thing to be a target of the White House – just take a look at Barack Obama’s approval ratings if you’re in any doubt.
So when it hit the news that the most recent butt of attacks by the President was none other than Americans for Prosperity, all I could think was that I couldn’t wait to congratulate them – you couldn’t pay for better positive publicity.
This was the best “attack” that the President could come up …

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Take That, Liberal Media
  14 May 2010     5:42 pm

*UPDATE: Apparently, the Star-Ledger doesn’t like when the truth is disclosed. They’ve quietly pulled all relevant YouTube videos relating to the incident. Thank goodness for the Eyeblast (the conservative version of YouTube), with which I’ve replaced the the YouTube video.
Despite the “controversy” over newly elected Republican Governor Chris Christie, you’ve got to admit that his latest response to an irking liberal columnist, Tom Moran, made you smirk – at least a little.

So my mom may have actually made some sense when she told me this week, …

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Glenn Beck: Our Hope is to Abolish Progressivism
  20 Feb 2010     8:00 pm

Again, I have to show my appreciation for the Barack Obama. About a year ago, I vividly recall watching Glenn Beck on CNN and thinking, “This guy should be bigger than Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. It’s a shame he’s stuck at CNN. Beck, tonight’s keynote speaker, has been around for several years – but his sudden rise to fame, I believe, can be attributed not just to his move to Fox News, but to the past year’s newfound uprising against the Obama Administration’s overreaching …

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CPAC Straw Poll Results
  20 Feb 2010     7:04 pm

On the question of who should be the Republican nominee for President in 2012, the following are the top candidates, in order:
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Sarah Palin
Tim Pawlenty
Mike Pence
Newt Gingrich
Mike Huckabee
Well, Ron Paul has managed to rally his supporters again, but it looks good for Mitt Romney. It’s interesting to see that Mike Huckabee, who was always at the top of the list, this time doesn’t make the top five.
On the question of what issue is most important, the voters’ resounding choice was the size of goverment.
The results of the …

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John Bolton on the Obama Administration
  20 Feb 2010     5:01 pm

Like just about all the speakers this weekend, John Bolton didn’t hold much back in his criticism of Barack Obama.
A few notable words:
On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was not qualified to be President of the United States. Today, 13 months later, Barack Obama is still not qualified to be President of the United States.
He doesn’t really care about foreign policy – he just addresses foreign policy issues when he has to.
He sees American decline as a natural phenomenon.
He brings to the presidency unequalled multilateralism compared …

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Andrew Breitbart Thinks the MSM… Well, Sucks
  20 Feb 2010     3:19 pm

It may sound irreverent, but thank God for Andrew Breitbart. I mean it.
For so long I’ve agonized over the single one great reason that has allowed liberals to deceive the American public, lying about themselves and about us: the liberal media, vile, vindictive, and until recently, largely unreigned.
Just as Breibart says, the MSM has been employing “street thuggery” for years, and they’ve gotten away with it. They, along with liberal academia, have controlled what the public sees, hears, and thinks. Without the media, even the loudest voice, …

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Rick Santorum: I Was Wrong About Specter
  20 Feb 2010     1:11 pm

In case I haven’t mentioned this a hundred times before, Rick Santorum is my favorite senator. From the war on terrorism – his more recent focus – to values to the cultural plagues of our society, I really believe he has full depth of understanding; even more significant is that he’s a politician who puts his principles before power and popularity.
Today, spent the majority of this time discussing the war on terror, which he believes the be America’s greatest threat and should be our greatest focus, for …

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CPAC and GOPride
  19 Feb 2010     10:21 pm

Last month, conservative college Liberty University announced that it would withdraw its sponsorship of CPAC 2010 because GOProud, a pro-gay Republican offshoot from the Log Cabin Republicans, was also allowed to co-sponsor the event:
Liberty University chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Liberty Law School dean Mat Staver had penned a letter to CPAC organizer David Keene last month, requesting that he disallow the homosexual group GOProud from co-sponsoring the conference. The letter was also signed by other evangelical Christian leaders, including Gary Bauer of American Values. GOProud supports, among other …

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Mike Pence on Running for Higher Office: We’ll See What the Future Holds
  19 Feb 2010     5:40 pm

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence, who has been a CPAC regular but whose popularity has skyrocketed since Obama’s has declined, was kind enough to visit the blogger’s lounge this afternoon to take questions.
Unsurpringly, the only thing anyone seemed interested in asking today was about whether the Congressman would be running for another office. President in 2012? Senate to replace Democrat Evan Bayh? Governor to succeed Mitch Daniels?
While Pence didn’t seem to rule any option out but the presidency in 2012, he repeated the fact that he was going to …

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Michelle Bachmann: Obama Has Chosen Decline for America
  19 Feb 2010     4:47 pm

The lovely Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is star quality on every level, minus the diva attitude. Walking onto stage to the tune of “She’s a Lady,” (take that, cranky Arlen Specter), Bachmann was quick to remind the audience that it was her state that put up the “Miss Me Yet?” billboard that quickly became a hit around the country.
I am lucky enough to be the representative for these very creative, innovative businesspeople who put this wonderful billboard together. Let me tell you, they got their advertising dollar’s …

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Live at CPAC
  19 Feb 2010     2:27 pm

You’ve probably heard already, but this year’s CPAC 2010 (Conservative Political Action Conference) is the largest, most highly attended in its history. It seems apparent that the Obama Administration has succeeded in doing what we’ve actually been trying to do for years: rallying and activating freedom-loving Americans together en masse.
Thank you, Mr. President.
As it does every year, CPAC is featuring just about every prominent conservative leader in the country (minus Sarah Palin, who turned down an invitation) – and then some. But unlike last year, the …

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Fun Fact of the Day
  15 Feb 2010     10:41 am

On a somewhat random note, I thought to “google” the word liberals . When the auto-suggest popped up, I was pleasantly amused to see that out of the top ten searches beginning with the word, half were neutral and half were… not so positive:

Did everyone catch that the second-most searched term in Google is “Liberals are destroying America”?
I figured then that if I “google” the word conservative, I’d find similiarly hateful search terms. Not so:

Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s certainly an interesting observation. Sarah Palin should …

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Liberals: Life, Love, and Family are Controversy
  8 Feb 2010     10:30 pm

As always, it’s nice to see that secular liberal society has it’s standards and priorities in tact.
The latest controversy that caused such a huff with the likes of the Huffington Post has been the highly anticipated “pro-life” ad run by Focus on the Family that featured college football player Tim Tebow.
Yes, the horror.
Liberal feminist activist groups including the National Organization for Women, the Women’s Media Center, and the Feminist Majority could have been spending some of their effort fighting against something that was actually relevant, like the …

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SOTU Quotes and Commentary
  27 Jan 2010     11:02 pm

Ah, the “blame Bush” fallback is alive and well over one year after the president has been out of the media eye. As defensive as ever, President Obama can’t help sneeking in excuses and jabs at the “far-right” and the situation he “inherited” every second he gets a chance:
Even after paying for what we spent on my watch, we still have to continue paying for the deficit we had when I took office.
You have to remember… all this was before I walked in the door… I’m just stating the …

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When Republicans are Only Tough Against Their Own Kind
  18 Jan 2010     11:33 pm

Sometimes I wonder whether all the Republicans, conservatives, and even Christians who are so quick to lambaste Pat Robertson for the negative sound bites the media is always flailing about actually even know anything about the man. In case you haven’t heard, Robertson referenced Haiti’s historical “pact with the devil” when discussing the country’s disaster last week.
I know this is a dangerously controversial thing for me to say publicly, but regardless of my own feelings Robertson’s statement, it is sickening to watch so many supposed conservatives so quick to …

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Two Days Left to Make Brown the 41st Vote
  16 Jan 2010     7:52 pm

It’s the race that suddenly everyone’s been talking about. As my blog has been covering, the special election to replace Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat may be making history this Tuesday:
Brown, a state senator, is beating state attorney general Coakley 50 percent to 46 percent, according to a new Suffolk University/7News poll. Brown’s lead is within the poll’s 4.4-point margin of error, but it still represents “a massive change in the political landscape” of the solidly blue state, Suffolk’s Political Research Center director David Paleologos told the Boston Herald.
While …

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Quote of the Day: I’m Blacker Than Barack Obama
  12 Jan 2010     3:54 pm

I’ve gotta hand it to Rod Blagojevich, the recently impeached governor of Illinois. The man makes your average Democrat look like Mother Teresa, having made a name for himself by not just his acts of corruption as governor, but by the many uncontrolled, crude, and obnoxious remarks he’s made since he’s become a national figure.
In a most recent faux pas, good old Blago is joining more and more Democrats as they expose how they really feel about their party’s icon and our country’s president, Barack Obama. …

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2009, Our Turn to Be Offended
  31 Dec 2009     3:43 pm

Here’s a thought: now that it’s officially post-December 25, it’s amazing how people who have been saying “happy holidays” for the past month, swearing that there are multiple “holidays” this season, magically remember the distinct name of the next upcoming “holiday” and revert back to saying “Happy New Year”. I suppose that out of all the very numerous “holidays” celebrated on and around December 25th, New Year’s must not be one of them. Next year, I’m giving out high-five’s to anyone who tells me to have a “Merry …

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But… I Thought Obama Was Going to Save the World?
  28 Dec 2009     7:58 pm

This time last year, I was told that once in office, President Barack Hussein Obama was going bring peace, prosperity, and all things warm and fuzzy to our beloved planet earth. All the national and international turmoil occurring at the time could be attributed solely to President Bush, a.k.a. the anti-Christ, including our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and including any and all anti-American sentiment across the globe.
If only we had a God-like savior like Barack Obama to lead us out of despair, everything would …

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