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Americans held hostage in Hillary-approved, UN-peace-kept-South Sudan
  24 Dec 2013     3:16 am

As in Syria, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the leader of South Sudan who precipitated the violence that has over 35,000 Americans trapped in a Libyan-like-Civil War.
Joe For America.

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Fast Food strikers don’t understand ‘Entry Level’ jobs
  3 Dec 2013     6:57 am

To listen to Democratic Party interest groups, the key to more full-time jobs at higher wages is either a mystery or only achievable more than five years after one elects Fast-Talking-Democrats to Pass-Fast stimulus and Obamacare laws.
But then there is the actual history of similar experiments that, before Obamanomics made sure the Housing Bust wrought a Great Recession-turned-permanent-jobs-recession; turned WWI into a Lost Generation, a 1929 stock market crash into the Great Recession and Watergate into Jimmy Carter’s triple-double-digit unemployment, inflation and prime interest rates.
The common factors in all …

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