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Two wrongs don’t make a justice
  19 Jul 2009     10:05 am

Hm. Instapundit cites Randy Barnett, who writes:
When [Jeffrey] Rosen published his critique [of Sonya Sotomayor], I knew very little about Sotomayor. After forcing myself to watch much of the hearings, I wonder if those who criticized him then are having any second thoughts today.

I am having second thoughts about my own measured enthusiasm for Sotomayor, which was based on a selfish interest in a particular area of law plus what I believed was the range of options from this Administration, yes.
But do I have second thoughts about my criticism …

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Support Scott Ott!
  5 Jul 2009      2:56 pm

My fellow blogger Scott Ott, the man behind the inimitable “Scrappleface” but in real life the executive director of a non-profit organization serving children, is seeking to become the next Lehigh County, Pennsylvania Executive. His campaign is premised on the idea that his years of business experience have prepared him to take bold action to reduce taxes, cut spending and lead to what he calls “a customer service revolution in county government.” Without knowing more, most of us agree that almost any disemployment of any incumbent is good for …

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Big Brother is blogging
  28 Jun 2009     11:16 am

Media Bloggers Association president Bob Cox is all over the story regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s brand new Guides on Endorsements and Testimonials, which, as Bob explains, will certainly affect bloggers. In fact, one of the examples given of a testimonial in the proposed revisions, found here, is of a product review written by a blogger.
I made my views known on this a while ago: I’m against this sort of regulation, which I think is an unconstitutional restriction on free speech,
Blogs are an effective and powerful …

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  21 Jun 2009     11:11 am

Obama, it turns out, isn’t even different about being different, especially as regards the… different:
“When a president tells you he’s going to be different, you believe him,” said John Aravosis, a Washington-based gay activist.
You do?
What if he says, “This time it’s for real” or “I’ll call you”?
In fact, it turns out John Aravosis is all kinds of apoplectic about the things going down in his world (via Insty). Here he’s particularly outraged that Barney Frank, being all gay and all, doesn’t agree with The Agenda:
Our senior most gay member …

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Who wrote this?
  14 Jun 2009     6:48 pm

On one of my favorite topics, anonymous blogging — James Joyner (via Glenn) is unhappy with one particular bit of outage:
While I generally find the practice of revealing people’s secrets to the public distasteful, there are times when it’s appropriate. Public officials who are abusing their power is the most obvious case. Here, however, there is no public benefit achieved. Whelan is simply annoyed that Publius had been “biting at my ankles in recent months” and critiquing his blog posts.
Jeopardizing a man’s career and family relationships over …

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Acme Auto
  31 May 2009     10:43 pm

The New York Times writes, regarding the General Motors bankruptcy:

Rarely has a company fallen so far and so fast as General Motors.
“Fast”? Hello?!
Actually, Michelene Maynard doesn’t really mean that: She documents the exact opposite of a “fast” fall in the otherwise perfectly good article that follows. It’s just that, well, you know those blogs — no one edits the darn things, right:
“I never ever could have believed that one day this thing would go that way,” said Jim Wangers, a retired G.M. executive who was part of …

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Time is on their side
  24 May 2009     4:41 pm

Jihad Watch:
Poor Timing Alert: Hamas renews rocket attacks on Israel just as Obama calls for Israelis and Palestinians to live “side by side in peace and security” –
Obama said this during his press conference with Netanyahu yesterday: “I have said before and I will repeat again that it is, I believe, in the interests not only of the Palestinians but also the Israelis and the United States and the international community to achieve a two-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians are living side by side in peace and security.” …

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Silky phony
  17 May 2009     2:36 pm

Remember this one? “Edwards reaffirms key political question.” And this, its predecessor.

Oh, did I get abused for this. Even by some pretty slick brains. How could I be so mean.
Well. And… and… to Her.
What were my mean old words? That he was either “a liar or a moral retard.” Yea-heah.
Yes, now it’s as if I’m the only one left who hasn’t piled on at this point.
But wasn’t that a different issue? The cancer? The suffering, saintly wife?
Not at all. …

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No Joe
  10 May 2009     10:49 am

The Bipartisan Rules blog, relying — not surprisingly on this point — on support from David Frum, writes as follows:

The Republican Party should be a political vehicle, not an ideological movement, but its opinion makers have it completely backward.
Its policies have become secondary to this ideal that we must keep alive the flame of Reagan, years after the Gipper has passed on, and that any elected official with an (R) behind his name who dares step out of line has committed heresy. There is no room for ideological deviation.
Sen. Specter …

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My generation
  10 May 2009     10:36 am

On my Princeton lawyers list there was a bit of a dustup late last week when some excited participants started talking about the prospect of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a fellow alumna, being nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama. It started with one of the participants breathlessly reporting the news; the inevitable comment from one of the inevitable troublemakers, who does not happen to be a lawyer, came next, and — well, you have to read it yourself. First, the report, then the response from “Terry”:
>>Robert Alumnus …

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Nutty professing
  3 May 2009     4:08 pm

Montana has passed a law, certain to be declared unconstitutional or otherwise rendered a nullity, declaring that, as the AP puts it, “guns manufactured in Montana and sold in Montana to people who intend to keep their weapons in Montana are exempt from federal gun registration, background check and dealer-licensing rules because no state lines are crossed.”
Color that dead on arrival. That doesn’t mean I’m pro-guns or anti-guns — I’m mostly pro-, for a guy who’s never touched one — but it’s just some very simple lawyering by yours …

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Consequences, shmonsequences
  26 Apr 2009     6:17 pm

Last fall I reluctantly supported John McCain for President. I wasn’t even sure why at the time, and could mostly focus on why I thought Barack Obama was not up to the task. But shame on me — there was a reason, and it’s the same issue that made me realize I am a conservative in the first instance. And the inexcusable Obama “policy” on “torture” — which is merely a political hiccup, a gesture to the left, a classic instance of liberal symbolism as government, that …

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Tortuous politics
  21 Apr 2009     4:40 pm

Obama on show trials of CIA employees:

Mr. Obama, who has been saying that the nation should look ahead rather than focusing on the past, said he is “not suggesting” that a commission be established.
But in response to questions from reporters in the Oval Office, he said, “if and when there needs to be a further accounting,” he hoped that Congress would examine ways to obtain one “in a bipartisan fashion,” from people who are independent and therefore can build credibility with the public.

The horror.
I’d like to say this is fundamentally …

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Ka-Ching Memorial
  19 Apr 2009     11:22 am

“I have been to the mountain and I have secured the rights to the promised land!”

Emancipated, yes, but poorly managed IP-wise
The AP reports that the pimps family of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. got $800,000 for “the use of his words and image” on the national memorial to his memory on the National Mall — another story I’ve been following since the very beginning of my blogging career.
According to financial documents reviewed by The Associated Press, the foundation paid $761,160 in 2007 to Intellectual Properties Management Inc., an …

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Nasty man
  12 Apr 2009     10:33 pm

The Times reports that Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York who has everything, now also has a pretty sleazy — and by all indications, gratuitous — campaign dirty trick to his credit. It’s push-polling to slime his rival for the mayoralty, Anthony Weiner:

As his campaign sought to overpower any candidate considering challenging him, Mr. Bloomberg commissioned a telephone poll last month that spread derogatory information about Representative Anthony D. Weiner, one of the mayor’s possible rivals in the race.
The calls came around mid-March, even as Mr. Weiner …

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Something there is that doesn’t love a wall
  5 Apr 2009     6:00 pm

Yes, mixed metaphors can be a downer, but how else to express the silence of America’s Prophetic Voice, Jimmy Carter, regarding the other “apartheid fences”? As Soccer Dad points, out, whether in Belfast, Arabia, “and now, in Brazil,” they all keep out the unwanted, and are quietly ignored after initial bursts of interest by the perpetually brokenhearted protectors of justice. And there is no keening, Jew-obsessed hypocrite like Carter, is there? Is he heading down to Brazil?
God, yes, please. Maybe he can be Rio’s Rachel Corrie?
“Bad, bad ...

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The parliamentary presidency
  29 Mar 2009     3:28 pm

Moderates — including moderate conservatives who, I think, are even more “moderate” than yours truly — have had it with President Obama. Liberals, at first disappointed with what had encouraged those moderates, are really unhappy now.
And surrenderists of all stripes in Congress? They don’t know what to do!
Even the MSM is getting off message.
Of course, none of this makes conservative conservatives happy. But you don’t need me for links about that.
All this is bad enough, but now the news that the only ones who really know what’s …

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Becoming what you hate
  22 Mar 2009     10:59 am

Tim Neal of Miller County was shocked recently when he heard a radio program about a strategic report compiled by state and federal law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism.
Titled “The Modern Militia Movement,” the report is dated Feb. 20 and designed to help police identify militia members or domestic terrorists. Red flags outlined in the document include political bumper stickers such as those for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, talk of conspiracy theories such as the plan for a mega-highway from Canada to Mexico and possession of subversive literature. . . …

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Ankle bracelets don’t work in hell, either
  15 Mar 2009     4:49 pm

What exactly do you have to do get put into jail for being a bona fide sex offender in Washington State?
When 13-year-old Alycia Nipp didn’t come home from a trip to Wal-Mart, her family had no idea where she was, but a tracking device was transmitting the location of her alleged killer. . . .
Darrin Sanford, 30, was one of several homeless people living near the field in an abandoned home slated for demolition, police said.
He was convicted in 1998 of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and luring …

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Intellectually yours
  15 Mar 2009     4:43 pm

Via Glenn Reynolds, it appears that someone is questioning the crammed-down concept of “Obama the intellectual.” Indeed, that’s one of the themes of the last couple of days, as his Harvard Law Review “experience” is being questioned as well.
Only I already asked that question in a post called, well, “Obama the Intellectual?” In June. As I said regarding another fabulously credentialed young Democratic President:
Intellectuals are as intellectuals do. Bill and Barack utilized their credentials, as they had every right to and as almost everyone else does, as …

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