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The Pain That Is Politics
  28 Aug 2012     12:02 am

TAMPA, Fla. — Politics is about pain. Not the pain you feel when you watch it. The pain felt by the candidates.
They brush it off, laugh it off, shrug it off. But it kills them a little inside.
Presidential candidates are, appearances to the contrary, human. If you prick them, they do bleed.
And if they lose, some never recover.
Keep that in mind as you listen to the brave and wonderful words that will be spoken from podium at the Republican National Convention this week. Loss will not be mentioned here. Not …

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Hey, Hey, LBJ … How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?
  25 Jun 2012     12:01 am

Remember that one? I certainly do because, as a young leftie, I shouted it at many demonstrations. I also shouted, “Off the pig!” and even went so far as to support, at least from a distance, the “Days of Rage” as described by John Jacobs of the Weatherman faction of the Students for a Democratic Society:
“Weatherman would shove the war down their dumb, fascist throats and show them, while we were at it, how much better we were than them, both tactically and strategically, as a people. In an all-out …

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Elizabeth Warren’s Profession
  6 Jun 2012     12:02 am

It’s perhaps a bit mean to liken the hapless Harvard law professor and senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren to that other Warren, Kitty — the brothel owner from George Bernard Shaw’s “Mrs. Warren’s Profession,” described by the playwright as “a genial and fairly presentable old blackguard of a woman.” Elizabeth Warren is, after all, rather WASPish in her demeanor, almost prim, despite her risible faux Native American identity pretensions.
Nevertheless, when I read the latest of the endless revelations about Warren — that she was making scads of cash ‘flipping’ foreclosed homes …

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America Gets a Wake-up Call
  5 Jun 2012     12:01 am

Reading the unemployment numbers for May — can you imagine what the real ones would be? — your lefty-liberal friends should be ashamed of themselves. At least those that aren’t committed, Cloward-Pliven style, to the fall of the U.S. You know, those who wish to bankrupt our country so that it can be rebuilt as a glorious socialism … like, say, Czechoslovakia circa 1962.
But what we have may be worse than Cloward-Piven. It’s accidental Cloward-Piven. Cloward-Piven out of ineptitude.
I don’t need to see Obama’s hidden college grades. I know he’s …

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Is Liberalism Dead?
  26 May 2012     12:01 am

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to believe liberals believe in liberalism anymore.
With the obvious global meltdown of Keynesian economics, how could anyone remotely intelligent support the continued deficit spending that is driving the Western World into bankruptcy?
And yet a large proportion of our population still backs Barack Obama for a second term. Yes, some of this is due to the reactionary identity politics the Democratic Party has practiced for so many years and some to the large number of people working for the government and therefore …

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Preaching to the Choir
  16 May 2012     12:02 am

At PJ Media — the online media company where I am CEO — we preach to the conservative choir quite a bit.
It’s not our fault for the most part. It’s the way of the world these days. The left talks to the left and the right talks to the right.
Sure, we have some internal differences (gay marriage is one area), but PJM writers and readers largely agree on the big issues of the economy (stop spending), size of government (less is more) and, mostly anyway, on foreign policy (be strong).
The …

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Obama’s New Nomenklatura
  9 May 2012     12:03 am

Socialism is a rich man’s game.
Oh, sure, random overheated (sometimes impoverished) Occupiers agitate for their version of economic equality, possibly gumming up the works at the Lincoln Tunnel, but the real financial justice action comes from the wealthy — or so it would seem.
And I’m not just talking about Hollywood, where George Clooney is full steam ahead on a putative record-breaking $10 million fundraiser for Barack Obama, or the laughably meretricious theatrics of the “Buffett Tax” that no one would pay anyway, but across the nation.
According to a book about to be …

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Grenell Named Romney Foreign Policy Spokesman — What Does It Mean?
  21 Apr 2012     12:02 am

Richard A. Grenell — a frequent contributor to PJ Media, where I am CEO — has been named “national security and foreign policy spokesman” for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Writes The Washington Post’s Election 2012 Blog:
“Grenell brings foreign policy chops and more than a decade of political experience to the aggressive but relatively young Romney staff. His is one in a series of hires as the presumptive Republican nominee rapidly expands his small staff as it moves into the general election against President Obama.
“During all eight years of …

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Why Liberals Are the New Squares
  14 Apr 2012     12:02 am

I was amused to read Maureen Dowd’s recent column titled “State of Cool” in The New York Times, calling Hillary Clinton “cool,” because I was about to write just the opposite — not just about Hillary, but about her (and my) whole generation of liberal-progressive-whatevers. They are anything but cool. They are the New Squares.
But allow Dowd to state her cool case:
“Hillary Clinton cemented her newly cool image and set off fresh chatter about her future when she met at the State Department with two young men who created a …

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The Los Angeles Times Should Release the Khalidi Tape for Passover
  7 Apr 2012     12:01 am

Passover 2012, which started at sunset on Friday, April 6, will not be a particularly auspicious one for the Jewish people.
Despite being superficially strong in many ways, Israel — the sole Jewish state — and Jews in general face more determined opposition than they have at any time since World War II. From terrorists in the South of France to professors at Boston’s Northeastern University, anti-Semitism is rife.
Meanwhile, Iran, which repeatedly calls for the extermination of Israel, draws ever closer to nuclear weapons capability. And the once vaunted “Arab Spring” …

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The Society for the Preservation of Racism
  28 Mar 2012     12:03 am

When Barack Obama asserted — in advance of a completed police investigation, let alone a jury trial or grand jury investigation — that he identified with young Trayvon Martin, the black teenager shot and killed in Florida, it was an extraordinarily reactionary moment with possible ramifications of interference with the justice system.
But it was not surprising.
Since obtaining the presidency, Barack Obama has led a Democratic Party that would be better called The Society for the Preservation of Racism.
The reason is evident. Increasingly, racism — and more generally, the division of …

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Romney Derangement Syndrome
  17 Mar 2012     12:02 am

Psychotherapists often talk about the difference between “wanting to be right” and “getting what we want”. Many of us, myself included, often prefer to be right — or what we believe to be right — even if it interferes with our larger goals.
This is the kind of behavior that destroys marriages. It can also have a detrimental impact on politics and the world at large.
At this moment, we can observe it in some people’s reactions to Mitt Romney. They are sure they are right that something is wrong with Romney and …

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Andrew Breitbart: A Whirlwind Dies
  3 Mar 2012     12:01 am

When a whirlwind dies, there is a sudden quiet. Los Angeles last Thursday was deathly silent. Andrew Breitbart — the conservative gadfly-blogger-entrepreneur — died at the age of 43. He just crumpled on a Westwood sidewalk, in full view of other pedestrians.
Breitbart — besides being a unique media figure who in many ways changed the face of news — was a friend of mine.
Indeed, I am typing these words in my office, where Andrew, a man many years younger than I and 20 times more energetic, would sit with me …

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Lucky Obama Benefits From Capitalism
  22 Feb 2012     12:04 am

As Republicans gnaw at each other’s throats, playing a desperate game of “I’m more conservative than you,” something yet more depressing and deeply ironic is occurring: Capitalism is saving Obama.
In the spirit of ‘no bad deed goes unrewarded,’ the very system our president cut his teeth on despising — the unbridled free market — is on its way to securing him a second term. (Well, it may not be as “unbridled” as it once was, but it is unbridled enough to work its magic.)
Yes, I am well aware that the …

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Can the Republicans Avoid a Debacle?
  17 Feb 2012     12:01 am

To say the least, things do no look good for the Republicans at this moment. Rasmussen polls released Tuesday showed Mitt Romney trailing Barack Obama at 49 to 42 percent and Rick Santorum lagging even further behind at 41 percent. No word on Newt Gingrich, but it’s hard to be optimistic.
According to the pollster: Among unaffiliated voters, the president leads Romney by 10 and Santorum by 16.
Yikes. For those who don’t want to see a second Obama administration, this is, as Riley used to say, “a revoltin’ development.”
And it gets …

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The Santorum Surprise
  10 Feb 2012     12:01 am

Rick Santorum — a man who lost his last election in his home state by 18 points — is suddenly threatening the front-runner status of Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination. He, not Newt Gingrich, is emerging, at least for the moment, as the conservative alternative to Romney, having won decisively in three state contests this week.
Things are looking good for Santorum. Events, again ‘for the moment,’ are swinging his way, with President Obama coming under heavy, and justifiable, criticism for abusing religious freedom. The Obama administration issued what …

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In Memoriam: Zane Greyhound
  1 Feb 2012     12:03 am

Our family put our beloved greyhound Zane to sleep Friday evening about 6 p.m. A veterinarian who does such things for a living came to our house and gently administered a lethal injection. She was followed immediately by a tall, muscular man from Pet Care who carted the inert 80-pound dog to a pickup truck and then on to the crematorium.
Zane was an extraordinary dog. Of course, all dogs are extraordinary in a way. If I were a believer, I would say they were God’s gift to man. And the …

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GOP Makes Obama Look Good
  28 Jan 2012     1:32 am

The Republican field debated for the 19th time Thursday night, and once again, the media promised us it was going to be a “make or break” event.
Don’t believe the media.
The media say the debates have been the most critical factor in the nominating race so far because the media have been forced to watch them all. And take notes. And write stories.
And we want someone to share our pain: Someone like you.
Having done my duty and paid attention to all of the debates, and since we do not have another …

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The Political Debate as Reality Show
  21 Jan 2012     12:44 am

It was the debate that was over in less than five minutes.
Although the setting was more dramatic as the numbers dwindled down to a precious few, the Thursday Republican debate in Charleston was another meaningless discussion signifying nothing. Once again, all the candidates, with the exception of course of Ron Paul, essentially agreed on everything of significance. And there was nothing new in what the congressman had to say, either.
This are debates?
No, they are festivals of nitpicking for the benefit of the mainstream media — aka, the Barack Obama drinking …

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Never Trust a Pundit — Especially Me
  13 Jan 2012     12:01 am

OK, I don’t really consider myself a pundit-pundit, but I owe my readers an apology:
I am a lousy judge of character. Don’t ever trust me again — or at least vet me extremely carefully.
I fell for Rick Perry, a man less qualified, it turns out, to be president than my dead grandmother. Yes, I had gone shooting with him in Austin and then to the NASCAR races, and thought he was swell guy.
But that has as much to do with being president, or even running for president, as flipping burgers …

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