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Ten Reasons I Hate Berkeley
  15 Nov 2011     6:58 pm

There are good people who live in Berkeley. I hope they both forgive me.
I used to live in Oakland, but as the 2010 elections approached and it became apparent that California would lurch further to the left and toward insolvency, my family and I fled to the safety of a red state.
Nevertheless, the underdog in me has a place in his heart for Oakland, a town that is perpetually frustrating for those of us who want to see it succeed.
We love our little city, as do Berkeleyites. But Oaklanders don’t …

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Let’s Blame OWS for a Few Bad Apples
  7 Nov 2011     10:42 pm

When I criticize the Occupy movement, liberals and so-called independents fire back with claims that the movement, in the main, is peaceful and constructive; and that the violence is the result of infiltrators and “a few bad apples.”
Personally, I believe that this is nonsense. From my experience (as a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area– Oakland and Richmond to be precise) the protesters are nothing short of Marxist revolutionaries.

Now I’m not talking about passers-by, observers, and folks who go to work but sympathize with the protests. Surely …

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The Constitution Is Meaningless
  13 Aug 2011     11:20 pm

Those of us who believe that the Constitution should still be relevant in American policy making have reason to rejoice in the 11th Circuit’s ruling that Obamacare violates our founding document.
Liberals, on the other hand, simply dismiss any constitutional argument against the government takeover of the health industry.
How, according to the Left, are we and especially America’s younger generations, supposed to understand the Constitution?
Telling is Jonathan Cohn’s take at The New Republic, where he attempts to malign the decision based on the jurisprudence of one of the three judges who …

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Today’s Democrats and Slaveholders
  8 Jul 2011     6:05 pm

In his seminal and ultimately destructive majority opinion in the case of Dred Scott v. Sandford, Chief Justice Roger Taney claimed that the United States Constitution denied a former slave citizenship, and thus standing in federal court.
He also construed the Constitution to deny Congress power to regulate the territories with respect to slavery:
“The Constitution of the United States recognises slaves as property, and pledges the Federal Government to protect it. And Congress cannot exercise any more authority over property of that description than it may constitutionally exercise over property of …

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What Nation Building at Home Really Means
  4 Jul 2011     8:54 pm

President Obama’s synopsis of the recent speech he gave describing his Afghanistan troop withdrawal was, “America, it is time to focus on nation-building here at home.”
What on earth does that mean?
Though lofty and nearly unimpeachable as a safely vague slogan, it is hardly new or unique to Democratic speech making.
There has been a chorus on the Left promoting this idea for years without fully explaining it. Nation-building at home is code for the implementation of far-left policies. Because the president and the liberals who feed him these slogans misunderstand our …

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