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Justice Dept finally finds ‘real’ scandal; looking at Obama outhouse parade float
  14 Jul 2014     5:06 am

Since investigating multiple “fake” scandals like the White House Benghazi cover-up and IRS targeting of conservatives seem so petty, Holder’s crew have been itching for something worthy to investigate.

A controversial float in the Norfolk Independence Day parade is just the ground-breaking case they were hoping for.
“One of the floats included a zombie-like mannequin standing near an outhouse labeled ‘Obama Presidential Library,’” Omaha World-Herald reported.
According to the World-Herald :

The department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team, which gets involved in discrimination disputes, to a Thursday meeting about the issue. …

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Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears
  24 Feb 2014     5:44 am

An Oregon trash collector is getting national attention for a gesture he thought nobody saw him make.
Unable to stomach seeing a U.S. flag discarded as trash, Jeremy Fischer  quietly stopped what he was doing along his route and gave Old Glory the respect it deserved, WPTV reported.
The simple gesture brought a neighboring resident to tears, according to ABC News.
“I was looking out my window up here, and I saw him carefully folding the flag over the garbage can, and I thought, Wow, he’s going to fold it military-style,” neighbor Nancy Neet …

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Who caused a buzz with her killer ’5 inch patriotic stripper heels’ ?
  13 Jan 2014     1:42 am

If your guess is Sarah Palin, you are correct.
Palin, who was promoting her new show “Amazing America” for the Sportsman Channel chose these attention getting beauties to step out in at the Television Critics Association press tour Friday, according to Twitchy.
Interestingly enough, the stylish red, white and blue shoes caused a liberal feminist site to almost say something nice about her.
So, it’s not breaking news but personally I love the shoes and wanted to give her a nod for her fashion savvy.
Do they come in Maple Leaf? Sarah Palin's patriotic shoes:
— Louise Phillips (@Louloulips) …

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Viciously Mocks Obamacare!
  1 Oct 2013     6:43 am

“Saturday Night Live” opened this week’s show with a spoof that probably made most liberals lose it.

President Obama, played by actor Jay Pharoah, stuck out his chest at a faux town hall event and called up “regular Americans” to tout his genius healthcare plan. Each had an unexpected slam on Obamacare that some would say fell under the category of “that would be really funny if it were not so close to the truth!”
One of the final Obamacare testimonials came from “Breaking Bad” character Jesse Pinkman, played by actor Aaron Paul. The appearance was set up in anticipation of Sunday night’s final episode of the popular …

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