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No One is Against Equal Pay
  5 Apr 2014     12:01 am

Desperate to find a Texas lifeline, the struggling Wendy Davis for Governor campaign, staffed primarily by out-of-state Obama operatives, resurrected a tired national wedge issue: equal pay.

After two weeks of hyperventilating media coverage, I presume you have some awareness of this issue.
Let’s put five basic facts out on the table:
1) Gender-based pay discrimination is against the law. President Barack Obama and Congress acted to expand existing law at the federal level in 2009.
2) The Texas Constitution already outlaws gender-based discrimination. The Texas Labor Code specifically outlaws gender-based pay discrimination, saying …

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Even Government Agrees Head Start is a Failure
  22 Mar 2014     12:01 am

Universal preschool sounds like a no-brainer.
President Barack Obama proposed it in his State of the Union. He followed that address with a speech in Decatur, Ga.

“Study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road,” he said in Georgia. “But here’s the thing: We are not doing enough to give all of our kids that chance.
“Most middle-class parents can’t afford a few hundred bucks a week for private preschool. And for the poor children who need it the most, the …

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Wendy Davis has a Problem
  8 Mar 2014     12:01 am

Wendy Davis will not be governor of Texas.
If you believe that she will, I am perfectly willing to make a $100 wager on it for the benefit of the Navy Seal Foundation.

She will, however, earn more national media attention and raise more money than any Texas Democrat in the modern era. She may, in fact, perform better than anyone since Ann Richards.
The Fort Worth state senator, though, faces a vexing challenge.
Raising money requires liberalism. Earning votes requires moderation.
Therein lies the rub.
Davis won election in her marginal state Senate district as …

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The War on Christmas is Real
  21 Dec 2013     12:01 am

I once heard then-U.S. Rep. and now-Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., say something that I quite liked: “I’m a Christian, an American, a conservative and a Republican – in that order.” It quite nicely sums up how I feel.

Even if you are liberal, you can substitute liberal and Democrat in and be fine.
Every year around this time, we hear stories about a “War on Christmas.” I am not going to defend and personally guarantee every “War on Christmas” story that someone, somewhere has publicized. But we do know that public schools …

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Finally – the GOP is fighting
  5 Oct 2013     12:01 am

There is always a tension between the practicality of winning elections and the desire for ideological purity.

But for many conservatives across the country, in recent years we have been asked to support mainstream candidates who talk a good game but then don’t fight for conservative principles.
The litany of failed mainstream presidential candidates on our side of the aisle tells the tale: President George H.W. Bush (reelection), Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. These are all honorable men, but they are all middle-of-the-road, mainstream, losing candidates.
I am not naïve. I …

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Ted Cruz’s Moment in Time
  31 Aug 2013     12:01 am

The decision of whether to run for president of the United States is unlike any that a human being faces.
And yet Rafael Ted Cruz, the junior U.S. senator from Texas, faces it. Not now. Not even soon. Next year probably. Certainly by Thanksgiving 2014.

Imagine the discussion a candidate and his or her spouse will have. How hard will it be? It is 20 hours a day for two years. Calls with your spouse are scheduled. You will see every fleabag motel in the early states. You’ll freeze, eat terrible food, …

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Rick Perry’s Texas Legacy is Secure
  20 Jul 2013     12:01 am

July 8, 2013 marked the beginning of the end of the Rick Perry era in Texas.
Middle school children have never known another Texas governor in their lifetime.

Anyone in office 14 years will have good and bad in their record. Unquestionably, Gov. Perry is viewed in partisan terms in Texas. From my perspective, his legacy is bifurcated.
The Texas legacy is basically two things: longevity and the strong economy. The rest is short term white noise that will be mostly forgotten.
Let’s take these two issues separately:
First, Perry’s longevity is staggering, and it’s …

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Mexico Can Benefit by Tapping into its Shale Formations
  8 Jun 2013     12:01 am

Mexico has a tremendous opportunity available to grow the average income, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and accelerate the building of a middle class – and all that is required is removing the current barrier to capital investment.

Let us explain. The Eagle Ford shale formation in Texas produces approximately 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas and more than 500,000 barrels of oil per day. Geologically, the shale formation starts from south and west of Dallas stretching to Laredo in south Texas, fanning out into a wider footprint …

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Dream on, Liberals – Texas to Remain Red for a Long Time
  1 Jun 2013     12:01 am

When it rains, it pours.
Spare me the well-timed media/left-wing celebration over the creation of Battleground Texas.
At its core, the organization was created to employ out-of-state Obama political operatives, in a slow campaign period, by selling to wealthy donors the dream of winning Texas and upending the electoral map.

Clever construct. But history is a useful guide.
The last time a Democrat won a statewide office in Texas was 1994. Since then, their record is 0-100.
In 2012, a moderate northeastern former governor, Mitt Romney, won Texas by 1.25 million votes, a nearly 16 …

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Scandals Combine to Form Perfect Storm
  25 May 2013     12:01 am

When it rains, it pours.
The combined weight of the three growing Obama administration scandals is weighing down the White House and overwhelming their ability to control the story or advance their agenda.

In hospital triage, this is the equivalent of not having enough bed space.
Each scandal, if it occurred by itself, could potentially be dealt with. But their combination is forming a narrative that the White House is not being honest amid a culture of “scandal.”
The three controversies, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Benghazi terrorist attack and the DOJ …

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Ted Cruz’s Rocket Ride
  11 May 2013     12:01 am

Wednesday morning’s National Review Online story about Ted Cruz and 2016 created a national stir, reporting one of the party’s fastest rising stars is “considering” a 2016 bid.

Sen. Cruz quickly expressed his own surprise at the “wild speculation” about 2016.
But before you blush at such unbridled ambition, recall that then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) was mentioned as presidential candidate just as quickly in his first term as Cruz has been.
If Cruz were to run in 2016, he would likely be one of three first-term U.S. Senators to run, along with Sen. …

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Without Reform, Medicaid Expansion Will Bankrupt Texas
  23 Mar 2013     12:01 am

What’s the catch?
Whenever something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Our country, since the FDR era, has believed in entitlements as an earned benefit that serves as a safety net for all Americans. Unfortunately, those programs, created in the 1940s and only modestly changed since then, are unaffordable, promising more in benefits that the revenue they receive.
This leaves two options: reduce benefits for future beneficiaries or increase revenue.
To date, the Obama administration has done nothing to reform entitlements – thereby making the problem worse.
In fact, they began a …

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Jeb vs. Marco Match-up in 2016 Unlikely
  16 Mar 2013     12:01 am

Two of the key figures in the Republican Party happen to live in the same city, in the same state, share many supporters and donors and enjoy a close, personal friendship where one has been a mentor to the other. So they both can’t run for president against each other, right?
One of the most interesting subplots in the open race for president in 2016, which will begin in about 18 months after the midterm elections, is whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) choose to …

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What the Mainstream Media Don’t Understand About Ted Cruz
  23 Feb 2013     12:01 am

Don’t blame Ted Cruz, he’s only doing what he said he would do if elected.
The wave of national media attention surrounding the freshman senator late last week followed a traditional groupthink pattern. First it was a Reuters national wire story early in the week, then the Politico story late Thursday, The New York Times story Friday, alongside columns by Ruth Marcus in The Washington Post and Frank Bruni in the Times, and a segment on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Friday.
What was the controversy?
According to the media, Sen. Cruz had impugned Secretary …

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