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  29 Apr 2011     6:56 pm

Over the last few weeks, the news has led me to the conclusion that a serious public debate on Obama’s policies will never happen. What a travesty that would be. I made a video about it below.

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Video Book Review of Righteous Indignation
  23 Apr 2011     12:58 pm

Below is a video book review of Andrew Breitbart’s, “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!” I really enjoyed reading it.

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Video Response to Obama’s Speech
  14 Apr 2011     11:24 pm

I have admitted in the past when Obama gave a good speech. The speech after the murders in Arizona was one example. But, Obama’s speech from yesterday was clearly as bad as everyone said it was. Below, I reviewed a few of his statements in a short video. Enjoy!

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Reviewing the Citizens United Case
  3 Mar 2011     11:19 am

With so much talk about the “Citizens United” Supreme Court Case, it is amazing that few people talk about the actual case. Often the talk breaks into a back-and-forth debate about the merits of corporations. Well, Annie Leonard did just that in an 8 minute corporate-bashing rant that misleads her viewers about what actually happened. As a result, I uploaded a video citing the actual opinion.
Hope you find it informative.

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Doctors Hand Out Fake Sick Notes
  21 Feb 2011     5:57 pm

If any student brought a fraudulent sick note to school, they very likely would get into trouble. Yet, teachers who do the same thing find nothing wrong with the example they set for their students. I made a video about it below.

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  19 Feb 2011     2:53 pm

Everyone thought it was absurd when Arthur the Aardvark showed up to a press conference this week. Now, PBS is giving shoutouts on twitter to I made a video about it.

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Unions and Aardvarks
  17 Feb 2011     5:57 pm

As everyone knows by now, government workers continually lobby for more tax dollars. This week there are the Unions in Wisconsin, and people pushing for more funding of NPR. I made a video below regarding both examples.

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Is the Rule of Law Dead?
  4 Feb 2011     11:02 am

I made a video yesterday discussing the Rule of Law in the United States. Do we really have Rule of Law at this point?

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Response Video In Favor of Capitalism
  27 Jan 2011     5:53 pm

On YouTube, the Vlogbrothers created a video against the free market when dealing with Healthcare. I made a friendly response.

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Pursuit of Stupidity
  20 Jan 2011     5:13 pm

The news this week has been so absurd, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I made a quick summary in the video below.

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Video Response to Gabrielle Giffords’ Attempted Assassination
  12 Jan 2011     8:09 am

I made a video below regarding the attempted assassination. I hope you enjoy it.

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Video Debunking of the Fox News Viewers are Misinformed Study
  26 Dec 2010     5:45 pm

I’m sure many of you have seen the study claiming that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed. Well, I analyzed the study in great detail and debunked the study. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Left is Out of Control
  22 Dec 2010     6:59 pm

There are so many stories around the world of the Left being totally out of control. I decided to make a video about it. Enjoy.

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Oh, the Irony of Michael Moore
  18 Dec 2010     2:33 pm

It is pretty ironic that Michael Moore pays to bail out Julian Assange, only to learn that WikiLeaks documents would call into question “Sicko.” I made a quick video about it.

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Bar Stool Economics Video
  5 Dec 2010     4:15 pm

Many of you have read the Bar Stool Economics story that has gone viral. Well, in light of the recent tax debate, I decided to make a video about it.

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FCC Authoritarianism
  2 Dec 2010     7:12 pm

So the FCC Commissioner doesn’t like the news content so he wants to change it via government mandate. There are more choices for news than ever before, demonstrating why this is just an unconstitutional power grab. I made a video about it below.

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ACORN got half a million dollars for fire protection?!
  30 Nov 2010     7:21 pm

I made a quick video related to the Daily Caller’s reporting on this issue. It appears ACORN received your taxpayer dollars for ‘fire protection.’ It is pretty absurd.

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Girl looking for you to pay off her $200,000 in student loan debt?
  23 Nov 2010     6:12 pm

I read on Gawker about this girl who has $200,000 student loan debt. However, after some research, I found out that she majored in sociology and calls herself a “raging liberal” who also studied abroad. Oh, and now she wants people to pay for her choices because she’s “doing good.” My video about it is below.

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Obamacare Waivers = 111
  16 Nov 2010     6:07 pm

I’m sure by now many of you have heard that there are 111 Obamacare waivers. The sad fact is that many of the waivers go to organizations that advocated on behalf of Obamacare. So, people who pushed to destroy healthcare in America don’t have to live with their decisions.
My video about it is below.

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The Dumbest Lawsuit Ever!
  14 Nov 2010     5:33 pm

Imagine if a government-sponsored entity only existed because tax dollars bailed it out. Now imagine if that same government-sponsored entity owed the IRS $3 billion in back taxes. Now imagine if that entity contested the back taxes in a lawsuit against the IRS. Well, that is what is happening with Freddie Mac.

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