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Man Sued for $340,000 For Twitter Followers!?
  31 Dec 2011     2:45 pm

This is an interesting situation for everyone who uses social media. After you leave a company, who owns the social media accounts you used while employed? Also, how much is a Twitter account really worth? I talk about this situation below.

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Now it Takes 10 Months to Finish a Few Escalators?
  30 Nov 2011     7:32 pm

The Empire State Building took slightly over a year to construct. That was during the Great Depression. Compare that accomplishment to the fact Washington, D.C. cannot build 3 escalators in under 10 months. I made a video about it below. H/T @amandacarpenter

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Debunking the CNN Fact Checkers
  13 Sep 2011     8:39 pm

Last night, CNN said Rick Perry wasn’t telling the truth about the Stimulus. CNN claimed the CBO said the stimulus created or saved about 1-3 million jobs, when Perry said it was zero. However, what CNN failed to mention is that the CBO assumed a positive multiplier. If you’re unsure what I mean, I made a video about it below.

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Bad Department of Transportation Rule
  8 Sep 2011     9:38 pm

Although I hate flying, there is a new DOT rule that will likely increase prices, all in the name of protecting consumers. Moreover, the increase in prices will have a devastating outcome. See my video below.

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I Really Hate This Chart
  2 Sep 2011     7:55 pm

The Left has been passing around this absurd chart for months. The data isn’t wrong. However, everyone on the Left who sends it to me clearly doesn’t understand what it demonstrates. I made a video about it below.

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Price Gouging Helps People
  27 Aug 2011     10:41 am

With all the talk about supermarkets running out of supplies that people need because of Hurricane Irene, I think this is a good time to blame price gouging laws. I made a video about it below.

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Robert Reich is Wrong
  20 Aug 2011     1:57 pm

Robert Reich and are back with another absurd video. Reich argues that we don’t have a debt crisis, and we need to spend more tax dollars to get people to work. I made a video rebuttal below. Enjoy!

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Warren Buffett and Taxes
  16 Aug 2011     7:08 pm

I’m sure many of you have offered or read commentary about Warren Buffett’s absurd column in the New York Times. Apparently, people think he’s courageous for asking that the government raise his taxes. I made a quick video about it below.

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The Phony Civility Project with Froma Harrop
  5 Aug 2011     7:49 pm

Many people have already written about this woman, Froma Harrop.  I give my take in the video below. It is pretty ironic that she calls for a civility when she says the most horrible things about her fellow citizens.
<iframe width=”400″ height=”257″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Why Would CPAC Say No to GOPROUD?!
  1 Aug 2011     8:27 pm

The American Conservative Union ( CPAC ) has decided to ban GOProud from attending its event. However, it claims that members can attend individually. This is a terrible decision. I’ve attended CPAC before, and I am really disappointed. Video below.

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$278,000 Per Job
  5 Jul 2011     6:58 pm

The Weekly Standard recently reported that the stimulus cost, on average, $278,000 per job saved or created. The joke that we’d be better off dropping the money from planes is starting to become reality. I made a video about it below.

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Rebutting the Paradox of Choice
  1 Jul 2011     6:56 pm

In my last video, I critiqued a woman who argued that too many choices are bad. She claimed choices create paralysis and depression.
Well, I just realized that this absurd view is quite common. Here is another video response. Enjoy!

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Choice is Bad?
  28 Jun 2011     7:58 pm

I’m sure many of you have seen the Leftist videos on YouTube by RSAnimate. If you haven’t, they take lectures from Marxist professors and animate them. Recently, they made a video that is completely absurd: They argue that “choice” is actually bad because it creates anxiety. I made a video response below. Enjoy!

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Debunking Robert Reich
  18 Jun 2011     12:30 pm

Robert Reich and made a video with numerous statistical fallacies. As a result, I made a video rebuttal. You can watch it below. Enjoy!

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Demonic By Ann Coulter , Video Review
  9 Jun 2011     5:43 pm

I highly recommend Ann Coulter’s newest book. You can see my video book review below.

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Another Politician Didn’t Tell the Truth. Shocker!
  7 Jun 2011     6:09 pm

When politicians lie about policy, why do we expect them to be truthful about other things? Here is my video commentary below.

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Tax Cheats Get Stimulus Money?
  26 May 2011     5:57 pm

Michelle Malkin has touched on this earlier, but I thought I’d give my take on this absurdity in a video. Keynesian economics fails in theory and in practice.

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Bill Clinton May Have Come Up with the Dumbest Idea Ever.
  15 May 2011     1:09 pm

I caught Tammy Bruce’s tweet the other day, which led me to a Politico article. Well, Bill Clinton thinks the United Nations or the United States should create an agency to tell us the truth. No, I’m not kidding.

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Newest Dumb Lawsuit
  12 May 2011     6:53 pm

Woman sues Chuck E. Cheese. Why? She claims it violates gambling laws. Yep.

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Knowledge in Society
  8 May 2011     1:15 pm

I recently reread F.A. Hayek’s, “The Use of Knowledge in Society.” In my opinion, it is one of the most important essays ever written, but many people take it for granted. As a result, I made a video about it below. Hope you enjoy it.

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