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DOW At 17,000 — But You’re Not Invited
  10 Jul 2014     12:04 am

The stock market reached a record high last week, closing over 17,000 for the first time. Good news, of course. As President John F. Kennedy famously said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” But it sure helps if you own a boat.

In this case, the “boat” would be the dynamic American stock market. But investors in the stock market disproportionately come from the top 1 percent, and they hold about 35 percent of all stocks and mutual funds. The next-richest 9 percent control about 45 percent. The remaining 90 percent …

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Obama’s Supporters Said ‘Go Gangsta’ — Too Bad He Listened
  3 Jul 2014     12:04 am

Obama’s poll numbers dropped below those of former President George W. Bush. By the end of Bush’s term, focus groups were telling pollsters they despised the very four-letter word B-U-S-H. When John McCain faced Obama in 2008, Democrats gleefully slammed McCain’s quest as the “third Bush term.”

Given Obama’s light resume and see-no-flaws cheerleading by an adoring media, Obama’s fall was inevitable. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, absolute adoration comes close.
In practically anointing Obama, our “watchdog” media ignored a thin resume full of red flags. So in four years, Obama shoots …

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10 Reasons Why Iraq’s Bloodbath Is Not W’s Fault
  26 Jun 2014     12:04 am

1) In 2011, President Barack Obama pronounced Iraq “self-reliant and democratic,” and “a country in which people from different religious sects and ethnicities can resolve their differences peacefully through the democratic process.” In 2010, Vice President Joe Biden called Iraq “one of the great achievements of this administration.” Obama ignored pleas by top generals who advised against pulling out without leaving a residual force.

2) Nearly everybody assumed Saddam Hussein possessed stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Of the newspaper editorials that opposed the war, not one challenged the assumption that …

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Slaughter In Iraq — Bush’s Fault?
  19 Jun 2014     12:04 am

President Barack Obama, on Dec. 12, 2011, called Iraq “self-reliant and democratic.” He praised that country, calling it a “new Iraq that’s determining its own destiny — a country in which people from different religious sects and ethnicities can resolve their differences peacefully through the democratic process.” Obama said, “I have no doubt that Iraq can succeed.”

He campaigned to end the war in Iraq. He did — at least he ended America’s military involvement in the war. He pulled out all the troops, without leaving a residual force behind as …

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Obamacare And The CBO — No Longer ‘Giddy’
  12 Jun 2014     12:12 am

How critical to the passage of Obamacare was the 2010 “score” given the legislation by the Congressional Budget Office?
Recall the President’s signature legislation barely passed, and squeaked by along party lines — without a single Republican vote. Before the vote, congressional Democrats waited for the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to “score” the legislation. How much, per the CBO, will Obamacare cost? Will Obamacare, as President Barack Obama promised, truly (SET ITAL) reduce (END ITAL) the deficit, the gap between what the government takes in and what it spends?

After all, in …

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The Bergdahl Deal — Five Terrorists For a ‘Deserter’?
  5 Jun 2014     12:04 am

The Washington Times reports that the Pentagon pretty much knew the whereabouts of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in recent years. So why didn’t they rescue him?
Quoting a former intelligence official, the Times said: “Military commanders were loath to risk their people to save this guy. They were loath to pick him up and, because of that hesitancy, we wind up trading five Taliban guys for him. The mentality was, ‘We’re not going to lose more of our own guys on this.’”

The Times also quoted an anonymous “high-level congressional aide”: “Joint Special …

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Isla Vista Murders: What New Laws, What New Lessons?
  29 May 2014     12:04 am

Elliot Rodger’s story is not one of an untreated, mentally ill, white mass-killer who illegally acquired fully automatic “assault weapons.” This mixed white and Asian 22-year-old bought his firearms legally, did not use a long-arm or “high-capacity” weapon and had been in therapy since the age of 8. Half his murder victims were killed by knife. Several of the injured were run over by Rodger’s car.

None of the mental health professionals apparently felt that Rodger was a danger to himself or others. The police had recently conducted a welfare check …

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White People Be Playing the Race Card
  22 May 2014     12:04 am

I’m old enough to remember when only black people called black people “Uncle Tom.” Democrats, however, long expanded the category of who can play the race card and on whom. Call them equal opportunity race-card players.

As with black race-card hustlers — say the Revs. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any given host on MSNB-Hee-Haw — white race-card players label others “racist” for the crime of disagreement. As with black race-card hustlers, white race-card hustlers need not name names when accusing someone of “racism.” And, as with black race-card hustlers, the …

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Hollywood’s Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott: Sharia or Islam?
  15 May 2014     12:04 am

The Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the sultan of Brunei, is a ghost town.
The sultan recently imposed Sharia on the citizens of this small country in Southeast Asia with a population of less than 500,000. The law includes the punishment of death for any who engages in the “crime” of homosexuality or adultery. Jay Leno, one of the celebrities attending a rally in front of the hotel, said: “It’s people being stoned to death. Hello!”

Meanwhile, Bill Maher, another member of the almost-all-Hollywood left, discussed the kidnapping of mostly Christian Nigerian …

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UCLA Professor Blows Whistle on Illegal Admissions Practices at University
  8 May 2014     12:04 am

In 1996 California voters passed Proposition 209, which prohibited discrimination or preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity or sex in admissions to public college and universities. But the moment 209 passed, UCLA, according to a new book, set about figuring ways around it.

“Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA,” by Professor Tim Groseclose, describes what the author insists are illegal admissions practices that he witnessed at UCLA.
Groseclose’s story begins in 2008 when, as a member of a faculty oversight committee for admissions, he asked …

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Sterling, Media and the Race Card — a Confederacy of Dunces
  1 May 2014     12:04 am

A secretly taped conversation between long-time L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his then-girlfriend was released. The NBA has now banned Sterling from the league. The commissioner recommends that Sterling sell his team.
Goodness, what happened?

The old guy had a quarrel with his girlfriend, which she apparently — surreptitiously — recorded. The most eye-raising parts have to do with Sterling, 80, telling his less-than-half-his-age girlfriend that he doesn’t want her attending games with black people, specifically with Magic Johnson. She can “f–k” anybody, he said, just don’t bring “them” to the …

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Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, R.I.P: Triple Murderer Who Fooled Hollywood
  24 Apr 2014     12:04 am

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter has died. Sympathetic obituaries say things like “wrongfully convicted” or “exonerated.” But the black middleweight-title-contending boxer was neither.

Carter, in 1966, murdered three people. But Hollywood later made a movie, “Hurricane,” in which Denzel Washington brilliantly portrayed Carter as a wrongfully convicted near-saint, hounded mercilessly by a determined, racist detective. Excellent moviemaking, but it adds more sludge to the widely held notion of the “racist criminal justice system” that supposedly “warehouses” black males for no reason other than wrong place, wrong time, wrong skin.
So, what really happened that …

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Snitchgate — Sharpton Is Still Lying
  17 Apr 2014     12:04 am

If the Rev. Al Sharpton, the bigoted, anti-Semitic, non-tax paying race-hustling poverty pimp, had any credibility left, it just vanished.

The beneficiary of a lifetime of passes from our race-conscious mainscream media, Sharpton ran into an outlet not afraid of him — The Smoking Gun. They obtained material that exposed Sharpton as an FBI “informant.” Sharpton, of course, denies that this constitutes “snitching.” No, he says he “volunteered” to “cooperate” with the FBI — and for the most honorable of motives.
Why would the government-hating “civil rights” leader cooperate with the feds? …

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Why Kerry Let the Palestinians Make a Fool Out of Him
  10 Apr 2014     12:04 am

For reasons perhaps only psychiatrists understand, Democratic presidents seek, at last, finally and forever, to “solve” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Maybe it’s something akin to discovering that ultimate, clean-burning, renewable source of energy. Then when the talks collapse, an inevitability as long as one side refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, Israel gets blamed.
Secretary of State John Kerry, weeks ago, boldly announced his trip to the Middle East where he would shuttle between the parties, applying his decades of foreign policy experience and skill to at last …

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The 77 Percent Lie — and Why Obama Keeps Telling It
  3 Apr 2014     12:04 am

A quick way to kill debate is to accuse your political adversary of “lying.”
Still, it’s hard to figure out what else propels President Barack Obama to falsely assert, yet again, that employers rip off female employees by paying them 23 cents less per dollar than men – for doing the same work.

In his last State of the Union address, Obama said: “Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. A …

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Los Angeles In ‘Crisis’ — 10 Steps To Fix It
  27 Mar 2014     12:04 am

The Los Angeles City Council asked Mickey Kantor, President Clinton’s ex-secretary of commerce, to head a commission to assess the shape of American’s second largest city. The report pulled few punches. Los Angeles, said the report, “suffers from a crisis in leadership and direction.” L.A., it says, risks becoming “a city in decline.”

These problems include: a public school system with a high inner-city drop-out rate, where many of those who do graduate are unable to read, write and compute at grade level; the worst traffic in the nation; nearly $30 …

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Obamacare: Abuse of Power Endangers the Nation’s Health
  20 Mar 2014     12:04 am

When liberal pro-Obama scholars question the legality of President Barack Obama’s actions to implement Obamacare, the issue of illegal presidential use of power moves from partisan to frightening.

George Washington Law School’s Jonathan Turley is the second most quoted law professor in the nation and a two-time Obama voter. He recently testified before Congress on Obama’s extensive use of executive orders and administrative actions to make unilateral changes in Obamacare, immigration policy, minimum wage and the IRS qualifying standards for non-profit status.
As to Obamacare, Obama, so far, changed it in at …

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When Blacks Voted 80 Percent Dem, Malcolm X Called Them ‘Chumps’
  13 Mar 2014     12:04 am

When blacks gave 80 percent of their vote to the Democratic Party in 1964, black activist Malcolm X called them “political chumps.”
White voters, X said, “are so evenly divided that every time they vote, the race is so close they have to go back and count the votes all over again. Which means that any bloc, any minority that has a bloc that sticks together is in a strategic position. Either way you go, that’s who gets it.”

Yet Democrats, said Malcolm X, failed to deliver on a promised and much …

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Hollywood Favors High Tax, ‘Gender Pay Equity’ — Just Not in Hollywood
  6 Mar 2014     12:04 am

Sunday’s Academy Awards event showcased Hollywood’s finest. Beautiful people in beautiful clothes saying lovely things about their industry — a politically “progressive” business that gives nearly all of its political contributions to Democrats.

Democrats, of course, purport to believe that “the rich” do not pay their “fair share” in taxes. Democrats also believe in gender equality, that women should receive “equal pay” for “equal work.”
Mogul Harvey Weinstein is rich, the kind of rich President Barack Obama refers to when he insists that “millionaires and billionaires” fail to pay their fair share …

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Ted Nugent Apologized — When Will Spike Lee?
  27 Feb 2014     12:04 am

Ted Nugent apologized. Now it’s Spike Lee’s turn.
Rocker Ted Nugent, a Republican and a fierce defender of the Second Amendment, said this about President Obama: “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame, enough Americans to be ever-vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.”

The reaction, not surprisingly, was strong.
Nugent apologized, sort of: “Instead of using terms like ‘subhuman …

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