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A Mini-Interview With Dick Morris
  16 Feb 2012     1:01 am

John Hawkins: Hillary Clinton, who looks likely to be the Democrats’ candidate in 2008, is staking out a strong anti-illegal immigration position. Do you think that could be a potent issue for her, especially if the GOP runs a candidate like John McCain who’s soft on illegal immigration?
Dick Morris: I think it is a risky position since she needs to regain the Hispanic vote that Kerry lost. Gore carried Hispanics by 30 pts but Kerry won them by only 10. That change accounts for half of Bush’s gain over 2000. But Hillary …

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“OMG, I haven’t checked Drudge for almost an hour”
  13 Jul 2011     10:58 pm

OMG! I haven’t checked Drudge for almost an hour…
[The riveting sequel to 'The Vast Right Wing Complacency']
by Joe Dan Gorman
“OMG! Did you see what Obama did today?” said the tweeting, yet feverishly over-facebooked conservative copy & paster.
Uh, yes I did…because you are the 137th conservative Facebooker/Twitter-er on my friend’s list that posted it….today
…in the past hour.
Conservatives are to ‘the news’ what Imelda Marcos was to ‘shoes’… We can’t get enough. The more we get, the more we want.
This is why conservatives lost the media to the libs in the …

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