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Join ACLJ & Jay Sekulow: Say No To Chuck Hagel
  4 Feb 2013     12:01 am

President Obama has nominated an anti-Israel former Senator to be the next Secretary of Defense of the United States of America.
Senator Chuck Hagel has refused to sign a letter supporting Israel, opposed labeling Hezbollah a “terrorist organization,” and supported direct dialogue with the terrorist group Hamas. Senator Hagel even voted against labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has a long history of terrorist activity a “terrorist organization.”
Sign the ACLJ petition at  to defeat his nomination and protect Israel.
Petition to Protect Israel & Defeat Chuck Hagel’s Nomination as Secretary of Defense
To the United States …

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Jay Sekulow & ACLJ Ask How Can America Give Fighter Jets To Egypt?
  17 Dec 2012     12:01 am

It’s difficult to believe that our American government is giving the extreme leadership of Egypt – the radical Muslim Brotherhood – 20 American fighter jets.  More than $200 million in U.S. taxpayer funds will be provided to a Sharia dictatorship. Join the ACLJ in opposing this absurdity.
Providing the Muslim Brotherhood with these planes is a vast mistake for American interests, as well as the interests of Israel, America’s most important mid-east ally.  The Muslim Brotherhood wants to wipe Israel off of the map. In just recent weeks, the Muslim Brotherhood sharply criticized Israel, which …

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Jay Sekulow of ACLJ Says: United Nations Vote Backing Palestinians Threatens Israel & Peace
  2 Dec 2012     12:01 am

We knew it would be an uphill battle at the United Nations. The UN today voted to give the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority (PA) “non-member observer state” status. Such a move is deeply flawed and violates international law. By upgrading the status of this terrorist-led organization, the UN is setting the stage for more instability in the Middle East.
This is a flawed legal decision – and one intended to divide Jerusalem and put Israel at greater risk. Lets review point by point some of the Palestinian arguments and the UN Decision.

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ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Sue CA School District
  26 Nov 2012     12:01 am

The fate of after-school Bible clubs in California may rest on the outcome of a lawsuit filed in United States District Court. The suit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) argues that Orange County’s Buena Park School District unconstitutionally rejected a Christian youth club’s request to meet in District facilities on equal grounds with similar, nonprofit, nonreligious youth organizations.
The “Good News Club,” a local affiliate of the international, Bible-centered organization Child Evangelism Fellowship, provides school kids with extracurricular educational programming and recreational activities that teach about …

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ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Challenge HHS Mandate
  25 Nov 2012     12:01 am

There’s been a troubling decision involving one of the many legal challenges to the HHS mandate in ObamaCare which forces employer provided health insurance plans to cover abortion pills. A federal district court judge has ruled against the Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby and Mardel – companies that challenged the HHS mandate claiming the regulations violate the religious beliefs of the owners.
In its decision, the court concluded that the retailers must follow contraceptive health insurance rules that begin Jan. 1st. U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton said the retailers were “secular, for-profit …

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ACLJ: Stop Sending U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Egypt & Libya
  24 Nov 2012     12:01 am

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which works to protect religious freedom and human rights in this country and abroad called on the Obama Administration to end its foreign policy of “appeasement and apologies” and stop sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to countries which permit and support the terrorism of Islamic militants bent on destroying America.
“The anti-American violence at the direction of Islamic extremists in not only very troubling, but amplifies what can only be described as a failed foreign policy by the Obama Administration,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief …

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Oppose Obama’s Abortion Pill Mandate
  23 Nov 2012     12:01 am

The ACLJ has recently filed a third lawsuit against President Obama’s abortion-pill mandate. The mandate, implemented by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) through ObamaCare, forces employer provided health insurance plans to cover abortion pills. It forces people of faith who believe in the sanctity of human life to pay for abortion-pill coverage in direct violation of their constitutionally protected religious liberties.
The ACLJ has now filed three directed challenges to this unconstitutional regulation in federal courts around the country. We are representing Catholic and Evangelical Christian business owners alike who …

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Jay Sekulow Says: America Deserves To Know What Happened in Benghazi
  22 Nov 2012     12:01 am

There are reports that the FBI notified Attorney General Eric Holder months ago that former CIA Director David Petraeus’ name had surfaced in an investigation that ultimately uncovered what Petraeus has now admitted – his involvement in an extramarital affair. Holder never told the President. The White House says it first became aware of the Petraeus investigation and affair last Wednesday – the day after the election. The President accepted Petraeus’ resignation two days later. 
Here’s the question. Why did Holder withhold this information from the President and from Congress? Yes, …

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Stand with Israel Says Jay Sekulow of ACLJ
  21 Nov 2012     12:02 am

The situation in the Middle East is quickly escalating. Israel continues to be targeted by terrorists, with nearly 300 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in the past few days. The latest casualties: 3 Israeli citizens killed when one of the rockets slammed into their apartment building. A young child was also critically wounded.
Now, rockets have struck in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I was on a conference call with one of our attorneys in Tel Aviv when a warning siren went off. This latest assault reflects a dangerous escalation of …

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