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Congresswoman Sandy Adams Endorses Karen Harrington
  20 Mar 2012     10:34 am

by Javier Manjarres
Sunshine State News  reported yesteday that Congressional candidate Karen Harrington has been endorsed by Congresswoman Sandy Adams. Congresswoman Adams has made news around the country for going after  Attorney General Eric Holder for his possible involvement and/or knowledge of  the failed ‘Fast and Furious’ firearms deal that resulted in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
Adams joins former Presidential nominee Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman Steve Southerland,  to openly endorse Harrington’s candidacy, as she tries to unseat DNC/Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the upcoming November general election.(See Website)
“Karen …

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Bible Burning Smear Campaign Against Republican Candidate Karen Harrington
  24 Feb 2012     7:28 pm

By Javier Manjarres (Cross post-Shark Tank)
Republican congressional candidate Karen Harrington, the front runner in the primary race to unseat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is being targeted by a smear campaign that has crossed line from between being juvenile to possibly being a matter of public safety for law enforcement.  Over the past several months, the reported smears against Harrington’s character and campaign have been posted on the free public website Craig’s List. Until now, the rants have been nothing more than harsh but unsubstantiated political rhetoric aimed at damaging Harrington’s good name.
Today …

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Republcian Candidate Melts Under Political Spotlight, Attacks Media
  22 Feb 2012     10:54 am

By Javier Manjarres

Congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria is beginning to melt under the political spotlight, as he once again is displaying a lack judgment and temperament that be able to sustain the rigors of a congressional campaign.   The Shark Tank recently questioned deFaria’s campaign advertisements as well as certain aspects of his background, a scrutiny which all congressional candidates should expect.  But deFaria’s knee-jerk reaction to our story is unfortunately revealing- rather than deal directly with our documented and legitimate criticisms, he chose to malign your humble correspondent and the …

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Marco Rubio Walking the Amnesty Tightrope?
  8 Feb 2012     12:12 am

By Javier Manjarres
Senator Marco Rubio recently delivered a compelling and emotional speech on illegal immigration at the annual Hispanic Leadership Network meeting, but Rubio may have left many in the room, and perhaps across the country wondering if this speech marked the beginning of a ‘softening’ by Rubio on this important issue.
At the very beginning of his speech, Rubio was heckeled by pro-Dream Act activists, who were there in protest of the Senators hard-line views on immigration, making the case for his continued anti-amnesty position.
During the course of his remarks, Rubio …

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Univision Puts a Hit on Senator ‘Scarface’ Rubio
  23 Dec 2011     9:05 am

by Javier Manjarres

(Via The Shark Tank)
The Spanish language Television network Univision has taken a deep dive into the dirty pool with a hit piece on Senator Marco Rubio that reveals the past arrest and conviction of Rubio’s brother-in-law, Orlando Cicilia- back when Rubio was all of sixteen years old in 1987.
Perhaps the producers of Univision’s Investiga program got themselves psyched up for this dumpster dive after watching one too many reruns of ‘Scarface’ .
It’s a crazy business we’re in, ya know? – Tony Montana
Here’s an excerpt from the Univision report:
Barbara Rubio was …

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Allen West, The Liberal Media’s Boogeyman
  23 Dec 2011     9:05 am

By Javier Manjarres
 As the liberal media continues to swim laps in their cesspool of hate and bigotry, it can be said that we can always rely on the liberal media to bring us much needed humor with their  rantings against conservative candidates and public figures like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and Allen West.  The local Broward-Palm Beach County ‘lib’ rag, Broward New Times has just put out it’s annual ‘Dirty Dozen‘ list of personalities that they claim have broken the peoples trust, stolen their hearts, and robbed them blind.
The mere mention of Allen …

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