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Free Market Fixes Could Still Save American Health Care
  6 Mar 2014     12:02 am

As “law of the land,” ObamaCare has already fundamentally changed American health care.  Despite the partisan bickering and disastrous rollout, government has successfully inserted itself between doctors and patients — controlling everything from doctors’ treatment options to patient choices about coverage.

A group effort including the Obama Administration, liberal lawmakers, insurers, hospital companies and the pharmaceutical industry broke the doctor-patient relationship.  But free-market alternatives remain to re-establish it and fix our health care woes.
While politicians focus on winning at all costs, a transfer of health and of wealth has begun.  A …

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A Practicing Physician’s Prescription for Fixing Health Care
  21 Nov 2013     12:02 am

Despite the desperate attempts at distraction and demonization and the outright lies about what ObamaCare does, the truth remains that having health insurance does not equal getting quality health care.

There are definitely problems with the American health insurance industry.  If anyone bothered to ask independent private physicians why they no longer take Medicare or Medicaid, or why many are opting out of insurance towards cash-only practices, it’s because the game is rigged.
It is harder for doctors and, by extension, patients to access quality affordable health care these days.  ObamaCare expands …

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The Next Moves in the ObamaCare Deception
  13 Nov 2013     12:04 am

Americans are being led down the wrong path.

There has been, and continues to be, a concerted effort on the part of liberal politicians — who are encouraged by the media — to convince the American people that their health care system is the worst in the industrialized world, that doctors are to blame for high costs and that someone taking responsibility for their own health insurance is both selfish and somehow hurts the less fortunate.  People are also supposed to believe opposition to government intervention that is designed to pick …

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Obamacare¹s Cost Of Control
  12 Aug 2013     12:02 am

A New Visions Commentary paper published August 2013 by The National Center for Public Policy Research, 501 Capitol Court NE #200, Washington, D.C. 20002, 202/543-4110, Fax 202/543-5975,, Web Reprints permitted provided source is credited.

ObamaCare advocates are struggling to convince Americans that the takeover of health care is the best thing ever.
Even celebrities are helping the White House explain the benefits of being forced into a ethically and morally bankrupt system built on promises never intended to be kept.
One thing they aren’t willing to say is that it isn’t really about health …

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