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Liberal Fascism: The Font
  10 May 2010     4:04 am

In a way, Helvetica is the font of liberal fascism; it’s certainly the font of corporatism. To borrow from one of the concluding memes of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, it’s the softer authoritarian nanny state of Brave New World, not the oppressiveness militarism of 1984.

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What a Difference a Week Makes
  10 May 2010     3:45 am

Another weekend, another Obama address to graduating college students. Only this week, the Media Critic In Chief was much more punitive in his take on news diversity than the week before. I wonder why

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CNN Anchor: ‘We’re Not Supposed To Call Americans Dumb, But…’
  3 May 2010     3:01 am

Roland Martin is but the latest in a string of CNN anchors to insult half his audience. And yet, CNN executives wonder why they just can’t seem to connect in the ratings these days.

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‘Why Are Students So Hateful?’
  25 Apr 2010     4:14 pm

Michael Ledeen and PJ O’Rourke agree: the secret to understanding Obama is that he is typical politically correct apple-polishing teacher’s pet of a student that was insufferable in school, and remains so today.

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Camelot and its Discontents: Mad Men on DVD
  25 Apr 2010     4:00 pm

I have a lengthy (and spoiler-packed, for better or worse) review of the third season of Mad Men (now out on DVD) over on the Pajamas’ main page. Topics discussed include the show’s slightly skewed politics and history of the Kennedy-era 1960s, amongst other things.

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Partying Like It’s 1994—Or 1946?
  12 Apr 2010     4:43 am

Restoring the economic growth of 1994 through 2006 and ending “The Great Recession” — an economy being dragged to a sclerotic halt by “the New New Deal” and its myriad of wasteful spending and top-down government controls, can and should be one of the goals of the next Congress, if indeed, the map is painted red in November.

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In The Future, Everyone Will Be A Klansman For 15 Minutes
  3 Apr 2010     5:33 pm

In 2008, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) was smeared as a Klansman by his opponent. That didn’t stop Cohen for dusting off the smear this past week — along with namedropping Kristallnacht — against the Tea Partiers.

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The Circular Frank Rich
  15 Mar 2010     1:25 am

I knew the GOP prided itself on being a big tent, but I had no idea just how inclusive they could be! And on the flip side, never let it be said that the melodramatic former drama critic doesn’t cover all the bases himself.

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Deutschland Deja Vu: The Baader Meinhof Complex
  7 Mar 2010     4:30 am

Watching The Baader Meinhof Complex’s titular Teutonic terrorist gang in action on the small screen, I was struck by déjà vu of it all. A small but growing band of radicals with a penchant for street theater, wishing to smash capitalism and destroy the system from within, led by a fanatical, brawling leader, with at least one articulate well-bred intellectual within the inner circle. Starting off by blowing up small, bourgeois shops. Eventually hooking up with sympathetic allies in the Middle East. Then killing American soldiers. And when finally cornered, going out in a Gotterdammerung of mass suicide rather than face punishment from their captors. That’s never happened in Germany before

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The Moral Equivalent Of The War On The Na’vi
  7 Mar 2010     4:26 am

At a recent pre-Oscar fundraiser, James Cameron goes back to the future, and regurgitates a meme that’s about as old as the original Titanic herself. As John Nolte of Big Hollywood writes, “James Cameron Declares Thoroughly Debunked Global Warming as Severe a Threat as WWII”

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Things I Learned Watching The Joy Behar Show
  28 Feb 2010     4:23 am

Well, actually reading about Joy’s show on sites such as Hot Air and Newsbusters, since like 99.5 percent of America I’ve never actually watched it (except for possibly a few minutes while trapped in an airport). But still, the good work and ingratiating tone of this breakthrough in television programming is getting out, even through osmosis

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Multiplicity II, Starring Janeane Garofalo As Andie MacDowell
  28 Feb 2010     3:51 am

During the Bush #43 administration, the left really went to town with their practice of stealing pages from the conservative playbook that they had preceding years. But much like the cloning machine in Michael Keaton’s “Multiplicity”, the copy of a copy of a copy tended to lose more than a little crispness once it had been cloned. Here’s a brief, and very likely incomplete recap

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New Video: ‘Ayn Rand: Goddess Of The Market’
  22 Feb 2010     5:03 pm

Jennifer Burns, the author of the best-selling late 2009 book on Ayn Rand’s remarkably contentious history with the American right stopped by the vast Silicon Graffiti production facilities last week to discuss her book and the research that went into it.

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Man-made Anthropogenic Saturday Night Fever
  17 Feb 2010     4:46 am

The strange tribal rituals of dancing to prevent global warming…

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NBC And Olympic Environmentalism, Then And Now
  17 Feb 2010     4:35 am

NBC reports that the 2010 winter Olympics are being hampered by an overzealous commitment environmentalism. But what did the 2008 summer Olympics think of greener-than-thou NBC deploying outdoor air conditioning(!) to cool their set during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing?

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“The Two Cultures” 50 Years On
  14 Feb 2010     4:09 pm

Whereas once any layman could instantly appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of say, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David, or a great classical symphony, in the 20 century, modern art became merely an excuse for the artist and his champion critic to write a treatise explaining the work of art in the first place. But what caused art to become so insular?

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“Conformo-Radicalism:” Strike A Pose, There’s Nothing To It
  13 Feb 2010     6:31 pm

The politics of rebellion for its own sake in America has morphed considerably over the years. In his latest column, Mark Steyn describes the current utilitarian pose for the masses as “conformo-radical”, but to understand how it got there, let’s set the Wayback Machine for almost a century ago, when the first round of American “progressives” walked the earth.

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Video: “The Age Of Reagan: An Interview With Steven F. Hayward”
  6 Feb 2010     4:34 pm

In honor of what would have been the Gipper’s 99th birthday, a video interview with Steven F. Hayward, the author of the magisterial two volume set, The Age of Reagan.

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The Global Warming Guerrillas
  6 Feb 2010     4:41 am

“The Climate Consensus may hold the establishment — the universities, the media, big business, government — but it is losing the jungles of the web. After all, getting research grants, doing pieces to cameras and advising boards takes time. The very ostracism the sceptics suffered has left them free to do their digging untroubled by grant applications and invitations to Stockholm.”

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Former Winter Soldier “Surprised” By Colleague’s Duplicity
  31 Jan 2010     4:44 pm

“This isn’t the person I campaigned with back then,” John Kerry recently said of John Edwards. But Kerry’s surprise at the duplicity of his running mate doesn’t jibe with what Kerry’s former campaign manager wrote about the two men.

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