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Should We Privatize Marriage?
  15 Apr 2014     2:58 pm

by Anna Maria Hoffman 
Recently, we received this interesting question from a young man who regularly reads our site and participated in one of our video projects about marriage from last year.
In my community college, this is what my philosophy professor told us about marriage: “Government must not redefine marriage to protect religious liberty and freedom. My idea is this, keep government out of the marriage business and lets have civil unions and make sure that they have all the legal rights as marriage today. Now, if a couple wants to change their civil union …

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18-29 years old? Participate in a religious liberty video!
  10 Apr 2014     3:16 am

Are you 18-29 years old? Do you care about the constant attacks on religious liberty in America? Then, participate in our new video project about religious liberty.
To receive instructions, you must fill out everything present in the below submission form. Submission forms that contain false and inaccurate information or don’t fulfill our requirements will not be considered.
To fill out a submission form, please go to this link.
This was originally posted on Counter Cultured’s “Video Projects” tab.

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Campus Liberals Freak Out Over Justice Scalia’s Announced Visit
  2 Apr 2014     1:05 am

by Spencer Chretien 
As I prepare to graduate from William and Mary in May, life here can get a bit boring sometimes.  I’m anxious to return to DC and stay involved in the fight for liberty.  But when I found out last week that our lineup of graduation speakers includes Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I was thankful I’m still on campus, grateful that I’ll have the opportunity to hear from the anchor of the conservative wing of the Supreme Court before I head off into the real world.
It turns out, however, …

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A Match Made in Madness: CO’s Marriage Education Act
  18 Feb 2014     1:00 am

by Spencer Chretien
An eccentric yet concerning proposal introduced in Colorado last month features all the typical hallmarks of liberal control freaks and big government social engineers. The California-based groupKids Against Divorce has chosen the Centennial State as its first target for a proposed ballot initiative that, if passed into law by voters (it needs 86,105 signatures by August 4 in order to make the November ballot), would make the New York City of Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio look like a libertarian paradise.
The “Colorado Marriage Education Act” would mandate that any couple receive …

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Libertarians and Conservatives: Can They Work Together?
  13 Feb 2014     3:34 pm

by Anna Maria Hoffman 
Not too long ago, we received a great question from one of our readers named Thomas. His question addresses the different factions in the GOP and the importance of uniting on principle to achieve victory this year and in 2016.
I firmly believe that the many different factions on the right side of politics (libertarians, tea party, and the “established” GOP) must unite if we want to win not only in 2014, but 2016 as well. For me, I consider myself an old Reaganite and firmly believe in his …

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Private Charity or Government Programs?
  4 Feb 2014     1:00 am

by Spencer Chretien
One important thing I’ve learned from my long time interest in politics is that overlooked issues, or issues that are taken for granted, can often present us with the best chance for effective activism and may offer the best opportunity for actual change. Debates on issues that tower over the national political environment—healthcare, taxes, guns, abortion, illegal immigration, and so on—already feature plenty of devoted promoters and die-hard activists. (I do not at all mean to dismiss political activists—I myself am an activist on tons of important issues.)What I …

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It’s Possible to Remain Counter Cultural in College
  13 Jan 2014     1:00 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman
One of our readers, a young man, sent us a question about how millennials can stay counter cultural in college. His question mentions Matt Walsh’s recent article “Monogamy is unnatural,” which is an excellent email response to a professor who believes that monogamy is undesirable and antiquated.
Dear Anna Maria, 

Recently I noticed an article you shared on Facebook by Matt Walsh entitled “Monogamy Is Unnatural.” It was a brilliant article and I loved it although it made me worry. I have a girlfriend who is currently a Senior in High school …

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Gay People Against Redefining Marriage: They Exist
  10 Jan 2014     1:00 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman
Recently, we received a question that highlights a great reality that Dan Savage and Andrew Sullivan fail to acknowledge: there are gay people who are against the government redefining marriage. The “marriage equality” movement assumes that its targeted audience is all on board with its goals. However, there are gay people who wish to not identify with this movement’s merciless tactics, which include using the government to silence dissenters with religious freedom assaults and threatening small businesses that uphold marriage between a man and a woman. 
These people also don’t …

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5 Ways to Be Counter Cultured in 2014
  7 Jan 2014     9:41 pm

by Gabriella Hoffman 
2013 was a great year for counter cultural millennials. More young people marched for life and stood for the preborn, while many became disillusioned with “marriage equality.” More women took up firearms ownership and rejected so-called birth control “rights.” Best of all, Pajama Boy—the epitome of male effeminacy—became a nationwide laughingstock.
This year, the Left will be relentless in their push for moral relativism in the public square. We counter cultural millennials must fight back, challenge their arguments, and win people over to our side.
Here are five ways millennials can be more counter cultural …

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