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Get Over It: No Hatred in Obama Critiques
  15 Mar 2014     12:02 am

Quite often, fellow African-Americans hear me criticize President Obama and ask me why I hate the President.
I reject the premise of the question.
I don’t hate President Obama, but I do strongly dislike his policies and the divisive tone he has set for his presidency and our nation.

Unfortunately, in the Obama era, disagreement with the President’s policies for conservative, small government reasons automatically makes one a “hater” or racist.  Noted Black progressives such as Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornel West, however, can call Obama a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface” or a …

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ObamaCare: Academia vs. the Real World
  26 Oct 2013     12:02 am

As ObamaCare clears a major hurdle in its implementation and begins enrolling individuals into the new entitlement, it’s interesting to see how much has been delayed, dropped or hastily fixed (or has remained broken, in the case of some insurance exchanges) at this late date.

And, with lawmakers continuing to argue over its funding and implementation schedule, it’s laughable that ObamaCare proponents are arguing that the fact that ObamaCare is a law makes it sacred and untouchable.
It cannot be repealed, they say.  Really?  I’m sure glad that my ancestors and others …

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