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Obama’s Economic Problem: He’s Crushed The Middle-Class
  23 Oct 2012     9:02 am

Obama’s Economic Problem: He’s Crushed The Middle-Class
The Obama campaign is sinking and in a rapid fashion. With the economy being the number one issue in the election and now that voters have begun to appraise Obama’s economic record, his reelection chances have been turned upside down. A CNN poll taken just after the second presidential debate found that Romney was favored over Obama 58%-40% when asked who was best to handle the economy. If that margin holds until Election Day, Obama could well lose in a landslide.
However, Obama’s economic problems …

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Think This Election Doesn’t Matter?
  13 Sep 2012     9:00 am

Those deeply entrenched in politics and individuals passionate about candidates and causes often claim that an election is of profound importance and that the results will have a great impact on our nation. These oftentimes turn out to be unintended exaggerations. However, this election is indeed one of those.
We stand at a wide fork in the road of America’s long and prosperous history, with two distinct pathways from which we, the voters, will choose. Our chosen path will be either one that vaults our government to unprecedented levels of intervention …

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