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Mr. President, Race Relations Suck, and You’re Not Helping
  11 Dec 2013     12:04 am

It was all supposed to be so different for race issues in America after Barack Obama became president.
Then again — given the players who are still involved in the game — it’s no wonder things aren’t any better.

Despite a rocky primary process in 2008 where things did get a little controversial between Obama and chief rival Hillary Clinton, America did elect its first black president.
Even before his official nomination, much less his inauguration, Obama proceeded to lecture us all about the ills of racism in this country and how to …

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Obama Won… Don’t Complain
  18 Nov 2012     12:02 am

Obama’s victory means four more years with no hope or change.
When I think about what the future offers, it reminds me of the last thing I said during my closing remarks at a 2008 debate for state representative in Massachusetts. I said: “If you like the way things are, vote for the incumbent… and don’t complain.”
Liberals, you got what you wanted — and there’s no doubt that Obama’s friends in the media properly informed you.
Gloat… and don’t complain.
When you continue to have problems finding a job, and the …

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Liberal Bullies: Exposed And Whining
  1 Aug 2009     12:34 am

Sarah Palin has been the target of the left from the very day she walked onto the public stage, and their venom continues on. The problem is, they don’t like being exposed, and now that they’ve been, they’re crying foul and one of the whiners has brought her issues to my door (via email)…
Subject: Copyright Violation
The video contains five images which I own and did not give permission to be used.
They appear at 3:34, 6:37, 6:40, 6:45 and 7:05.
This video has already been taken down at multiple video sharing sites …

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