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10 Ways to Survive in D.C., Without Losing Your Soul
  18 Jun 2014     5:54 pm

by Gabriella Hoffman and Anna Maria Hoffman

Having lived in the area for some time now, we decided to compile a listicle of advice on how to succeed in D.C. All of these points are based on our own experiences and observations. We hope this list inspires others to reform the swamp from within, through the power of their character, honesty, and decency.1. Keep your principles. Have you ever been told to moderate your views to be accepted in the D.C. area? Don’t listen to this nonsense. D.C. culture is mysterious, …

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Snowstorm Doesn’t Stop Chick-fil-A from Being Charitable
  1 Feb 2014     1:29 pm

by Claire Chretien
I was recently off school for three days because of a surprise snowfall here in Alabama. The roads are icy and treacherous; many people were trapped on highways for hours or forced to abandon their cars.Southern hospitality and Christian love are alive and well down here. Birmingham Chick-fil-A owner Mark Meadows fed at least hundreds of stranded motorists with the food that liberal activists love to hate:

Some of the drivers had been stuck in their cars for nearly seven hours without any food or water. So the staff of the Chick-fil-A decided to …

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Healing from the Hookup Culture
  5 Jan 2014     11:20 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman
We live in a society that wants our relationships to be overly hypersexualized and not very substantive. We live in a society that falsely tells us young women that we will be happy and cherished if we wear clothes that undermine our human dignity, think of ourselves and men as sexual objects only, and behave aggressively with men to achieve “gender egalitarianism.” We also live in a society that falsely tells young men they’ll be content if they treat women and themselves like sexual objects, trade in their kindness …

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The GOP and Social Issues
  3 Jan 2014     1:54 pm

by Anna Maria Hoffman
Recently, we received a question from Michael, one of our readers from the U.K.
“What is the best response to people who say the GOP should abandon social issues and focus on the economy/fiscal issues?”
Thank you for asking this question, Michael. It’s an important question that needs to be answered well.We must remind people that social and fiscal issues go together like PB&J. They both work together and affect one another. Separating the two will make our side weaker in its battle to defeat the Left’s big government agenda …

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“Marriage Equality”: Focus On It or Forget It?
  3 Jan 2014     11:17 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman
Recently, we received this question from a woman named Sharon:

“Marriage Equality seems to be winning everywhere and not showing signs of slowing down. Should focus be placed on other issues instead?”

Thanks Sharon for your question. The answer is no, and I’ll explain why below.First of all, the “marriage equality” movement embraces big government policies and tactics. If you don’t like big government, pay attention to this movement and its actions. It largely relies on special interest groups using the government to create a new standard of marriage for all Americans–a weaker, …

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The NFL’s Ad Policy is a Fumble
  12 Dec 2013     1:00 am

When it’s not engulfed in the bogus controversy surrounding the Redskins’ name, the NFL promulgates a dizzying array of rules and regulations about what content is appropriate for TV ads during broadcasts of its professional football games.  For the Super Bowl, famous for increasingly risqué ads and for the incident that gave us the magnificent term “wardrobe malfunction,” the patchwork of additional regulations can be even more bewildering.  Obviously, the free speech of advertisers is protected; what 110 million people watch on TV, however, is also subject to reasonable restrictions.  Basic standards …

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A New Front in the War on Christmas: Inappropriate Underwear Ads
  26 Nov 2013     1:00 am

by Spencer Chretien 
As soon as they stopped calling it “Christmas Break,” something like this was bound to happen.
A new ad from K-Mart features a bunch of young men, dressed curiously in tuxedo tops and their underwear, who appear to be playing the tune “Jingle Bells” with their, well, bells.  If I haven’t left enough to your imagination, replace the e in “bells” with an a, and there you go.
Other than to declare that I won’t be doing my Christmas shopping at K-Mart this year, where do I begin?  No words are uttered in the ad until …

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Professor Umbridge Loves Common Core
  25 Nov 2013     1:00 am

by Claire Chretien
“I’ll tell you what it means. It means the Ministry’s interfering at Hogwarts.”  —Hermione Granger
Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
Armed with this comforting quote from everyone’s favorite dictator, let’s talk about Common Core, a set of centralized education standards that numerous states are fighting after its creepy imposition.
Just as the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix infiltrated Hogwarts to gain more control over the curriculum, interfere in students’ private lives, …

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The Dating Culture: How Women Can Help Build Heroic Men
  19 Nov 2013     1:10 am

by Stephanie Zawada
“What happened to men?” is a common topic amongst today’s women. With an flood of goofy television fathers, from sports writer Raymond Barone to stay-at-home Robby Ray Cyrus, portrayed as the societal norm, young men-liberal or conservative, religious or agnostic, 20 or 30-have grown up subconsciously exposed to the dogma that men are the less capable, less intelligent sex. There exists a kaleidoscope of female empowerment clubs and movements on today’s higher ed campuses, and men are expected to partake in and support feminist events or risk being considered …

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ARTPOP: Lady Gaga’s Latest Album of Hypersexualized Cacophonies
  12 Nov 2013     2:04 pm

by Anna Maria Hoffman 
Recently, Lady Gaga released her new album ARTPOP. After listening to “Applause,” I decided to listen to the entire album yesterday, which was difficult to sit through. Like her last album, which was notable for its blasphemous, derogatory songs, it is a tasteless, hardcore libertine “work of art” that perpetuates cultural decay and sends a bad message to both young men and women. Overall, it is just an epic cacophonous train wreck.Most of the songs on ARTPOP gleefully celebrate the darkest parts of human nature: casual sex with no …

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Crazy for You: How to Politely Tell Him You’re Not Interested
  5 Nov 2013     1:00 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman
Nowadays, it seems like there are two types of young men who exist in our dating culture: young men who hesitate to pursue young women they want to be with and young men who think they have struck gold when they haven’t. The latter type are young men who are too forward and persistent, yet are blinded by the reality that the young women they are trying to court are actually not interested in them.
Ladies, I think we can all relate to this type of situation, in which …

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Terry McAuliffe Wants Virginian Women to Submit to Big Government
  4 Nov 2013     1:00 am

by Gabriella Hoffman
Tomorrow is Election Day here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Many of you have seen me comment, tweet, and write about the gubernatorial race in great detail. (Disclaimer: I’m a Ken Cuccinelli supporter and have been since he launched his campaign in Summer 2012.) This race is important for our state, and its outcome will have an impact nationwide.
A win for Cuccinelli is a win for freedom; a win for McAuliffe is a win for big government.
Much to the dismay of Terry McAuliffe and his surrogates, Ken isn’t an extremist …

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Seasons of Gray: A Great Alternative to Many Hollywood Films
  1 Nov 2013     10:35 am

On October 18th, Seasons of Gray, a film produced by Rick Santorum’s EchoLight Studios, came to theaters nationwide. This summer, I had the opportunity to see this amazing film at a private screening. Unlike many films produced by Hollywood these days, this film provides an uplifting message for all Americans and avoids any filthy, degrading themes to successfully achieve that.
Seasons of Gray is a modern-day telling of the story of Joseph. Even though it’s based on this well-renowned Biblical story, any nonreligious person could easily be captivated by this film. It promotes good values …

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5 Must Have Pro-Life T-Shirts
  30 Oct 2013     9:44 am

by Claire Chretien
Wearing pro-life apparel is a fantastic way to be a witness for pre-born children, whether you’re on a college or high school campus, at church (if people wear t-shirts at your church), or in the grocery store.

Tell it like it is: abortion kills an innocent human being. This shirt, designed by Bryan Kemper of Stand True, states an uncomfortable truth that most of society likes to ignore. Even some “pro-life” people will become upset at this shirt.  As Bryan so eloquently put it:
I have to say that the very fact that …

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Wake Up and Smell the McAuliffe Posters
  28 Oct 2013     9:48 am

by Spencer Chretien
Do me a favor and contemplate the following nine statements, questions, and outright lies:
1. “Learn how Virginia’s anti-gay legislation has affected the William and Mary community.”
2. “Do you know your candidate’s stance on reproductive rights?” (Shouted while standing in line for lunch.)
3. “Ken Cuccinelli…does not support safe and legal abortion.”
4. “GUESS WHO’S GAY?”  (Accompanied by a picture of  two yellow ducks—“Duck, Duck”—and one pink duck with a feather boa around its neck—“Gay,” a play, clearly, on Duck Duck Goose.)
5. “We Broke Up 6 Months Ago.  Why Can’t He Just …

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Obamacare’s War on Men
  23 Oct 2013     9:59 am

by Spencer Chretien 
As we begin to find out what’s in Obamacare through itshopelessly disastrous rollout, lots of interesting little tidbits are emerging. All of them reinforce what conservatives already know: Obamacare will ruin health insurance and bankrupt America. More specifically, it’s also a strikingly bad deal for young people. Obamacare limits the ratio between what insurers can charge the sick and the healthy, which leads to skyrocketing premiums for young people—that’s us—who are, obviously, quite healthy as a group.
I will point out here that the economically rational thing for young people to do would be …

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The Chase: Why Young Men Hesitate to Pursue Counter Cultural Young Women
  15 Oct 2013     10:57 am

by Anna Maria Hoffman 
These days, our culture is very hypersexualized, constantly presenting an overly sexualized, aggressive woman as the only desirable image a man should have of a woman. This is largely the result of radical feminism being introduced in our society decades ago, which has told women that they must adopt an aggressive, mannish, and unpleasant demeanor to get ahead and “better” attract men.
As a result, our society has lower standards, and sadly, our country’s dating culture thrives off of lower standards as well. That explains why the hookup culture …

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Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today
  14 Oct 2013     10:06 am

Well, not really. The institution of marriage has not been bringing people together as of late. Fewer American adults are married than ever before, and men in particular are passing up the opportunity. Perhaps the most tragic news is that marriage rates are especially low among the poor, who, ironically, would be helped most by settling down and getting married, instead of merely shacking up. According to ananalysis from the liberal Brookings Institution, we could reduce the poverty rate in America by 25% if we had 1970s-era marriage rates today. Also, part of the reason …

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Three Strikes You’re Out: A Call for the Rebirth of American Tradition
  8 Oct 2013     11:34 am

by Charlotte Sawyer 
Almost three weeks ago, I went to my very first Nats game. My friend Jon had an extra ticket, so he invited me. I was thrilled to go! I had been wanting to go to a Nats game since I moved to DC, and this was the last game of the season. The last baseball game I went to was back in Florida (my old home) when I was six years old to see the Marlins play. The Nats were playing my hometown Marlins at this game in DC that night! The tickets were great; …

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Liberal Feminists GO INSANE Over Woman Who Brags About Making Sandwiches For Her Boyfriend
  7 Oct 2013     10:59 am

by Gabriella Hoffman 
“I met a guy. I made a sandwich. I started a blog. And I enraged feminists everywhere,” writes NY Post reporter Stephanie Smith.
Smith’s blog,, has garnered praise and ire alike. A woman is making her boyfriend sandwiches? She’s submitting to patriarchy? Queue the moral outrage!
Smith explains the purpose behind 300sandwiches:
On Wednesday, I wrote in The Post about how my boyfriend Eric’s joke remark after making him a snack — “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” — inspired me to do just that and chronicle the project on a Web site,
Much …

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