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Bill Maher Speaks the Truth – Scary
  29 Jan 2013     5:56 pm

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knowledge and power
Update 2013
Video below…
These are crazy times… If I agree with Bill Maher.

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We Are Their Serfs; They Make the Rules Only We Have to Follow Them
  28 Jan 2013     4:33 pm

If you didn’t catch the news already, Mayor Bloomberg basically admitted he won’t disarm his security team. So while he is arguing for nationwide gun control, (because we all know how well it works in NYC) he won’t play by the rules. Obama admits he goes skeet shooting, it has been speculated with his secret service team. So you are shooting guns with your security team, but you don’t want us to be armed?
We can’t expect their thought process to make sense. They are above us. They fear us. …

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“Either We Have a 2nd Amendment or We Don’t” – Judge Napolitano
  17 Jan 2013     10:07 am

Why is this so hard to understand! There is no compromise to be had! Get rid of the second amendment, or don’t!
The funniest part in all this, is to watch the liberals get upset when they want to ask you about marijuana use on the proposed background checks.
Share it!

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THIS is how you debate the British slime Piers Morgan
  15 Jan 2013     6:45 pm

If your reading Piers… I will speak in your language.
You are a small minded blinkered.
Look, don’t make me tell you this. SHARE IT!

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Gun Homicides Down Almost 14% Since Expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban – Don’t believe the lies! [Graph]
  11 Jan 2013     11:17 am

Overall gun homicides down almost 14% since expiration of the assault weapons ban. Either Senator Feinstein is blatantly lying on her site, or she is just old and senile. The cherry picking of data has to stop. The study she cites for a decrease in gun crimes during the ban, later found the ban could not be presented as a reason for the drop. Why? The homicide rate has dropped severely after the ban.
We are sick and tired of the blatant lies. All this proves they just want us …

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There is Nothing to Compromise on Guns
  10 Jan 2013     4:20 pm

The second amendment is quite clear. The government does not should not have the ability to restrict gun ownership. I don’t even understand why there is an argument. The founding fathers made it quite clear on why they incorporated the second amendment into the constitution. You can read my article here if you don’t quite get it. It had nothing to do with self defense. That is just a bonus.
If you actually want to restrict gun ownership you need to amend the document itself. Have fun getting super majority. It …

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The Second Amendment is NOT About Personal Protection
  10 Jan 2013     12:01 am

September 25, 1789, was the date the Bill of Rights were initially proposed to congress by James Madison. These were ten amendments that would go on to ratify the Constitution. The Bill of Rights are widely misconstrued in purpose. This is by design by our current politicians. Most think that the Bill of Rights are rights given by the government to the people. This furthers the argument that they can be changed whenever congress wants.
Not at all. The whole purpose of the Bill of Rights is to set limits on …

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Selling my Website
  25 Mar 2010     2:36 pm

Things in my life are changing… I am getting married soon, just signed an expensive lease, and I am starting a new career. When I started my little experiment, I never knew how far it would take me. I certainly never imagined how it would grow like it has. I do not wish to give it up, but I must. I started in August of 2007, and since then it has grown into a very nice site.
Some of you may be familiar with Political Lore, some of you may …

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Fox News Will be the Most Watched Network Tonight
  27 Jan 2010     8:36 pm

Yep… Fox News, the most trusted name in news. No really, read this. The network that pushes the most opposition to the current president always gets a ratings bump. MSNBC actually did respectable ratings when George W. Bush was hated by most of the country. Which is funny, when you think about it. MSNBC pushed so hard to get Obama elected, that they forgot what all that partisanship would do to their ratings. I wouldn’t say MSNBC’s ratings sank quite like the titanic (which we would later find… was …

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President Will Hurt Coakley’s Chances
  16 Jan 2010     12:41 pm

Twelve months ago, if President Obama made a trip to campaign for a candidate it may have helped. The president has hurt his most loyal supporters most, which is why in the most liberal states like Massachusetts, there is a fear that republicans will start winning. Remember in 2008 when John McCain did not want President Bush on the campaign trail?
Granted Martha Coakley’s campaign is in utter disarray, and perhaps anything can help. Her campaign has taken a huge dive as of late, loosing a twenty-plus point lead. Scott Brown …

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Media Attacking Beck… Again.
  8 Dec 2009     8:56 pm

While no one could ever defend Beck’s every move, it would be much harder to defend his attackers. Glenn Beck, one the most popular political commentators, has been attacked again. This time the forum is the front page of Yahoo, not their typical AP stories mind you, this is an attack from one of their own writers. Brett Michael Dykes says that Glenn Beck is being attacked for having a conflict of interest because he promotes the buying of gold while being sponsored by a gold company. This is beyond …

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NBC and CBS Researching Climategate; Still No Coverage [Proof]
  30 Nov 2009     11:09 am

So NBC, and CBS, if you see this blog know that you now have no excuse not to cover climategate. The American people have a right to know what is going on, not just what fits your agenda. We are sick and tired of the lack of coverage of important stories like this one. Perhaps, it would actually lead to more viewers. Then again… if you did your job, I wouldn’t have to.
Check out these images below for proof.
More here.

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International Reporting of Climategate has Been Terrific, Not Ours
  28 Nov 2009     10:03 am

Americans do many things incredibly well. We are on top of the world in many ways. Our lack of real reporting is astounding. Our media is in cahoots with our government in a much greater way than any other advanced country. It as if we were living in china the way misinformation gets onto the airways. Some of it is just a plain bias, but I feel most of it actually stems from the lack of real reporting… and perhaps the very real presence of lobbying.
Climategate has rocked international news …

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Sarah Palin More Popular With Liberals Than Conservatives. No Joke.
  27 Nov 2009     4:54 pm

No, this is not meant to be a joke. Perhaps obsessed should replace popular in the title. Part of my job is to scour the web and to see what people are talking about. While I was browsing Democratic Underground today (extremely liberal forum,) I realized these people are obsessed with Palin. I do not mean a post here or there, I mean the forum is almost entirely devoted to Sarah Palin bashing. Looking at the most popular forum threads of the day, almost all of them are about …

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Why is “Climategate” Getting Little to no Coverage?
  27 Nov 2009     12:36 pm

In 2008 Dr. Roy Spencer wrote a book entitled “Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians and Misguided Policies that Hurt the Poor.” Dr. Roy Spencer is the former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. In this book he argues that the programs congress creates to “combat” global warming are rushed into law. Laws and policies are easily made when there is a “fear” that needs to be taken care of. Fear is a lawmakers best friend. Fear makes passing …

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Global Warming… is Dead. Soon to Follow: Mainstream Media
  26 Nov 2009     12:16 pm

“The lack of media attention to this so called “climategate” is unbelievable. I do not even know if we can even call it “climategate”, as nobody seems to acknowledge that it has happened. Of course Fox News has brought it up, as well as numerous talk show hosts but, there has been no trace of coverage almost anywhere else. When searching for climate stories, almost the only thing you can find is major coverage of Obama wanting to cut emissions down 20%. On CBS News absolutely no trace of climategate, …

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Chicago Sun Times ATTACKS Drudge Report
  30 Sep 2009     3:39 pm

(via Political Lore Blog):The Chicago Sun Times ran the headline “Drudge wrong on Web site report”. Of course the newspaper who is in Chicago, who has a Chicago 2016 banner at the top of their site, who is posed to gain millions if the games are in town, is being truthful here. The Sun Times has every right to “fact check” the Drudge Report’s story on a local Chicago TV station being strong-armed to stop covering negative sentiment about the games. But the story that the Sun Times printed was …

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Only 16% Like The Job Congress Is Doing… Surprise!
  29 Sep 2009     4:49 pm

Surprise, Surprise! It does not matter which side of the isle you are on, or if you are right in the middle, you are disgusted with congress. When the American people pay attention to politics, congress tries its very best to put on more than a show than normal. What a sad thing to see. I am almost embarrassed I watch C-Span, though it is the best reality programming on television right now.
If you really need proof that congress is doing horrible, look no further than the most recent Congressional …

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School Kids Taught to Praise Obama [Video w/Lyrics]
  24 Sep 2009     11:54 pm

School Kids Taught to Praise Obama in Burlington, NJ. The truth of the video has yet to come out, but if somebody does not drive to NJ to figure this out… I will. If this was filmed DURING school, I am going to flip. I sure hope this was just a bunch of parents putting their kids up to this. If teachers were involved in anyway, while on pay… They should be gone. Plain and simple. It is one thing to put your own children up to things. As long …

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So… I was just called a racist… by my family.
  20 Sep 2009     10:19 pm

I attended the Rally in Washington this past weekend, and I assure you I am not a racist. When I came back and told some family members about my trip… Well, this is how the conversation went.
“Are you a teabagger?,you must be a teabagger?” In which I respond
“You must be watching some Rachel Maddow”,
“Nope, are you a teabagger? That’s what you are called, right?”
I was then told that teabaggers were racist, and the protesters at the rally only came out because they hate blacks. WTF!?!
So what… I hated George W. …

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