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VIDEO: Freedomworks FreedomConnector, Join The Fight
  28 Feb 2011     5:48 pm      Warner Todd Huston

Visit FreedomConnector and find ways you can get involved in your area.

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It’s entirely possible that, when it comes to gay marriage and the First Amendment, pluralism won’t work.
  28 Feb 2011     5:37 pm      Bookworm

Rodney King got his 15 minutes of fame for (a) getting beaten up while resisting arrest; (b) having his name attached to some horrific riots; and (c) plaintively asking “Can we get along?” The last is a great thought. I’d like to get along with people better myself. “Getting along,” though, presupposes that people have the same goals and values. In our pluralist society, even when we have differences, we mostly limp along all right. Elections shuttle different value systems in and out of power …

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Life in the nanny state
  28 Feb 2011     2:35 pm      Bookworm

I was reading Rick Steves’ Italy 2011 (the 2010) version, when I was surprised to learn this little fact on page 21:
Because Europeans are generally careful with energy use, you’ll find government-enforced limits on air-conditioning and heating. There’s a one-month period each spring and fall when neither is allowed.
For those of us in Marin who have been fussing about PG&E installing smart meters on their houses (something that happened to our house, will she nil she), that little paragraph is a stark harbinger of the future in the nanny …

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New Tone: After Budget Vote, Wis. Democrat Tells Fellow Rep. ‘You Are F***ing Dead’
  28 Feb 2011     1:02 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The Democrat’s “new tone” rolls ever onward… into the ditch. After the latest vote on the Budget Repair Bill last Friday, Democrat State Representative Gordon Hintz (54th District) turned to fellow Representative Michelle Litjens (R, 56th District) and said: “You are F***ing Dead!”
Nice “new tone,” isn’t it? But it fits well with his pals in the teachers unions sporting Walker-is-Hitler signs not to mention how it fits with all the videos of union thugs committing violence against Tea Partiers that we’ve seen over the last week.
This Hintz creep is a …

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Eco-NutMobile to Tour USA
  28 Feb 2011     12:53 pm      Dave Blount

Apparently advertisers haven’t gotten the word that most of us have been fed to the teeth with the politically correct eco-craze. The greenwashing of every imaginable product continues. Now Planters wants us to associate eating peanuts with saving the polar bears from their imaginary plight:
A new peanut-shaped NutMobile is the latest in the line of eco-friendly rides. Mr. Peanuts’ new vehicle boasts of being environmentally friendly from its structure to fuel, and to usage of sustainable sources of energy to power lights and radio. …
The NutMobile is a modified version …

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Homosexual Brainwashing on the Battlefield in Afghanistan
  28 Feb 2011     12:45 pm      Dave Blount

Due largely to absurd rules of engagement that tie their hands and a “Commander in Chief” who is uncomfortable with the concept of victory, our troops in Afghanistan have been left hanging in the wind. They aren’t allowed to win, but they can’t come home either, because admitting defeat before the 2012 election would make Obama look bad. But they aren’t dying for nothing. Their presence allows our moonbat rulers to experiment with social engineering conducted on the battlefield:
American combat troops will get sensitivity training directly on the …

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Paul Krugman: There’s A “Virtual Blackout” On Wisconsin News Coverage
  28 Feb 2011     11:50 am      William Teach

No, seriously, and it gives him “That Iraq Feeling”
I don’t watch cable news, or actually any kind of TV news. But I gather that there’s a virtual blackout on the huge demonstrations in Wisconsin, except on Fox, which portrays them as thuggish and violent.
So, wait, wait, he doesn’t watch any TV news, yet, he “feels” that there’s a virtual blackout (except on Fox), because of a post at Digsby (the link he offers up as “proof”)? BTW, Paul, it’s not just Fox which has highlighted the violent and un-civil rhetoric …

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AFL-CIO Union Chief: We Need to Raise Taxes to Pay Union Members More
  28 Feb 2011     11:03 am      Warner Todd Huston

You know the old saying, “stupid is as stupid does”? Enter the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, one of the most violence prone union presidents in America, who has come up with a brilliant strategy to solve America’s troubles. He says we need to raise taxes to pay his union members even higher salaries and we need another giant stimulus package to chase after the other failed stimulus packages to “create” jobs.
Recently Trumka told Tech Ticker that we need a higher gas tax to put Americans to work and build infrastructure. He …

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Mitch Daniels Explains Himself Well… But Having to is a Problem
  28 Feb 2011     11:02 am      Warner Todd Huston

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels once again did a fine job explaining himself over his recent seemingly controversial opposition to introducing any right to work laws in Indiana. Turns out he really isn’t that opposed to it, but he sure seemed to be against the idea a few days ago. He has since said his opposition was misunderstood. Unfortunately Daniels seems to be spending an awful lot of time re-explaining himself these days and this seems to auger that he is not running for president.
On the 22nd the IndyStar reported that …

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Kinzinger Calls for Serious Efforts to Address the Budget
  28 Feb 2011     11:01 am      Warner Todd Huston

This is about newly elected Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, but the points pertain to the whole situation in Congress, so I thought it might be of interest and that I’d post it to RWN anyway.
Last week I wondered aloud if Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, 11th District) was going against his claims of being fiscally responsible when I saw his poor support of the budget cuts in HR1.
There were 22 budget cutting measures in HR1 and Kinzinger only supported 38% of those cuts. I found this odd for a guy …

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Wisconsin Democrat Fleebaggers violate Senate Rule 23
  28 Feb 2011     10:52 am      SusanAnne Hiller

Yes, Rule 23:
Senate Rule 23
   Senate Rule 23. Committee not to be absent. Members of a committee, except a conference committee, may not be absent by reason of their appointment during the sitting of the senate, without special leave.
[am. 2001 S.Res. 2] emphasis mine
I’m a literal type of gal, and “may not” means you absolutely, positively cannot be absent–without taking special leave (maybe they could get a doctor’s note).  Here are the past and future committee schedules for February and March 2011.
Will tone-deaf, taxpayer-betraying Democrats Tim Carpenter, Spencer Coggs, Tomothy Cullen, …

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My Interview With Ted Cruz
  28 Feb 2011     10:36 am      Kathleen McKinley

I interviewed Ted Cruz at CPAC for SmartGirlNation, but the audio quality wasn’t great, so to make sure you didn’t miss it, I transcribed it. Enjoy!
Welcome to Smart Girl Nation. This is Kathleen McKinley and today I’m speaking with Mr. Ted Cruz, who is running for the Texas Senate seat now being held Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who will step down in 2012. Thank you for being here Mr. Cruz.
Ted Cruz: Thank you for having me.
SGN: My first question is why you decided now to get into the …

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Snap! Bill Gates Provides $70 Million For Food Security Against….Climate Change!
  28 Feb 2011     10:14 am      William Teach

But, he isn’t giving the money away, oh, no, he is “investing” it as a way to save Mankind!
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it is investing $70 million into food security initiatives in order to battle one of climate change’s looming threats–catastrophic food shortages. The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) is also jumping on board with a $32 million commitment.
Like the “catastrophic food shortages” during the Little Ice Age, along with the previous cold periods, including the last glaciation period?
The funds will go toward …

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Wisconisin Protesters Allowed To Continue To Pollute Capital Building
  28 Feb 2011     9:29 am      William Teach

It must smell horrible in there
So much for quickly returning to normal business hours at the state Capitol.
Faced with several hundred drum-beating, dancing and chanting demonstrators who refused to leave the state Capitol after the doors were shut at 4 p.m. Sunday, police decided to let the crowd spend the night and continue the protest against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.
“The people who are in the building will be allowed to stay,” Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said Sunday night. “There will be no …

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Liberal Violence & Incivility Watch: A Single Day’s Headlines
  28 Feb 2011     9:23 am      John Hawkins

Liberals claim to be perpetually outraged by what they say is dangerous rhetoric from conservatives. However, it’s hard to take them seriously when they have nothing to say about stories like this all breaking in a single day,
The head of one of the nation’s most powerful labor unions did not condemn the violent rhetoric in placards and signs held by union supporters demonstrating in Wisconsin despite two direct attempts Sunday to get him on the record declaring them inappropriate.
Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America …

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We Should Support The Libyan People, But Not With Our Troops
  28 Feb 2011     8:38 am      John Hawkins

Muammar Gaddafi is a tyrant, he has American blood on his hands — and he’s just plain old evil. What will follow him in Libya is a mystery, but he’s such a monster, it’s hard not to root for his people to get rid of him. That being said, there’s a difference between giving the Libyan people moral support and sending in the troops,
Opposition forces today stormed close to the Libyan capital Tripoli for a final showdown with militia still loyal to beleaguered strong-man Muammar Gaddafi, as US and its …

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“Phasing Out” Social Security: That’s a World Class Dumb Idea
  28 Feb 2011     7:42 am      John Hawkins

So, I’m reading CNN and I run across this line, “Many conservatives have long argued that in order to keep Social Security solvent, it must be modified. One popular idea is to transform the program into a private savings account. Yet others call for its outright elimination.”
This prompted an eye roll. After all, who’s calling for ending Social Security? Some fruit loop on a Ron Paul message board somewhere?
Much to my dismay, CNN actually had the goods this time,
Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, …

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The Democratic Party Attacks Scott Brown For Having Been Molested As A Child
  28 Feb 2011     7:13 am      John Hawkins

No matter how low you think the political Left will sink, your imagination can never quite keep up with how vile they actually turn out to be:
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is circulating a number of clips to reporters suggesting that Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-Mass.) revelations of sexual abuse as a child is either a political stunt or a hypocritical move….
Many have questioned how Brown could let a pedophile run free instead of stopping what could be a serial molester who may now have been at it for upwards of …

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The Mainstream Media’s Eternal Kathleen Parker Dilemma
  28 Feb 2011     6:15 am      John Hawkins

CNN’s Parker-Spitzer is now just “Spitzer,” I guess, after Kathleen Parker unceremoniously exited stage left. John Ziegler cuts to the heart of the matter in explaining why the show was doomed from the start:
But the primary reason why the program couldn’t work is also the very reason Parker got the gig in the first place. She was clearly hired because she was perceived as a “conservative” who was willing to vigorously attack Palin, while not holding any particularly strong conservative opinions which might offend the largely liberal CNN audience. It …

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Obama’s Department of Injustice Targets Popular Republican Governor
  27 Feb 2011     7:22 pm      Brian Garst

Eric Holder’s DoJ is not interested in prosecuting the Black Panthers, but they are pulling out the stops to take out a rising star in the Republican Party – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. The legal harassment is ostensibly to enforce “voting laws,” but political motivations are evident.
From The Washington Examiner:
Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department has targeted Gov. Bobby Jindal’s, R-La., administration as part of a rushed investigation into whether Louisiana is complying with federal voting laws. Undercover investigators …

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