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Obamacare: When Obama LIKES Imposing Higher Costs on ‘The Poor’
  31 Dec 2010     9:05 pm      Warner Todd Huston

My friend George Scoville, who works for the CATO Institute, asked a question that really does go to show the left’s hypocrisy. This time the question reveals a “feature” of Obamacare that tends to expose hypocrisy so large that an ambulance could drive through it. (See how I said “ambulance” there to keep with the whole medical theme?)
Scoville was issued a letter from his insurance carrier that informed him that new government regulations was forcing them to eliminate a whole bunch of non-prescription items that used to be eligible to …

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The Year in Wasteful Spending
  31 Dec 2010     7:05 pm      TrogloPundit finished their “Year in Wasteful Spending” series today with entries #3 through #1. Links to the whole series:






My favorite is #5:
Welfare isn’t what it used to be. $69 million of California’s welfare dollars were accessed through the state-issued debit cards outside of the state. Where was the money spent? Vegas baby! $11.8 million in cash benefits were withdrawn in Sin City.
Remember: the bigger the system, the more inefficient the system becomes. Our federal government is very, very big, and it’s getting bigger all the time.
The TrogloPundit

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White 17th century Europeans weren’t just imperialistic racists, they were also…
  31 Dec 2010     6:01 pm      TrogloPundit

Jamestown unearths 400-year-old pipes for patrons
RICHMOND, Va. – Archeologists at Jamestown have unearthed a trove of tobacco pipes personalized for a who’s who of early 17th century colonial and British elites, underscoring the importance of tobacco to North America’s first permanent English settlement.
Naturally, the rabidly right-wing Associated Press ignores this evidence of social and cultural evil and couches the story as some sort of important historical find:
The white clay pipes — actually, castoffs likely rejected during manufacturing — were crafted between 1608 and 1610 and bear the names of …

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Planned Parenthood: Corrupting the Kids It Doesn’t Kill
  31 Dec 2010     2:09 pm      Dave Blount

The abortion mill Planned Parenthood is raking in taxpayer money to the tune of $363.2 million per year, but at least it’s performing useful services. In addition to killing inconvenient babies in numbers that would put Adolf Eichmann to shame, it’s launching a new initiative to counsel parents on how to encourage their children to have sex.
Planned Parenthood’s Web site announced the group is preparing to launch a nationwide “social change initiative” to end the “stigma and shame about sex” in American culture.
The project aims to teach parents and caregivers …

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Wind-Powered Scotland Needs Electricity From Nuclear France
  31 Dec 2010     2:03 pm      Dave Blount

Things have reached a pretty pass when France has to rescue Britons from the mess their moonbattery has gotten them into.
Scotland’s wind farms are unable to cope with the freezing weather conditions — grinding to a halt at a time when electricity demand is at a peak, forcing the country to rely on power generated by French nuclear plants.
Output from major wind farms fell to as low as 2.5 per cent of their potential generation capacity during the cold snap as power demand rose to close to the highest level …

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MTV’s Teen Abortion Sales Pitch: It’s Just “A Ball of Cells”
  31 Dec 2010     11:59 am      Lori Ziganto

In July of this year, leftist Feminists were openly, and proudly, rooting for an abortion to be portrayed on prime-time television. And in April of this year, leftist Feminists like Jessica Valenti of Feministing were grossly bemoaning the fact that Mtv’s show, 16 and Pregnant, did not portray any teenage girls having abortions. They wanted sixteen year old girls to have abortions. On television.  Way to be pro-woman and For The Children ™, faux feminists! By For The Children, I of course mean totally not at …

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2010: The Entertainment Industry’s PC Year in Review
  31 Dec 2010     11:15 am      Warner Todd Huston

For the entertainment industry’s practitioners of political correctness, 2010 was another banner year. Even as conservatives have made deserved headway in La La Land and other areas of the industry, there still aren’t enough conservatives to bring much needed patriotism, logic, and common sense to the scene. Sadly, the industry is still filled with those slavishly dedicated to anti-American tropes, left-wing blather, and self-hatred. From comic books, to music, to radio, TV and movies, PCism still runs rampant.
Without further ado, here are just a few examples of PCism from 2010 …

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Wa Post Editorialist Admires Members of Taliban’s Armies, Are Just as Good as U.S. Soldiers
  31 Dec 2010     11:14 am      Warner Todd Huston

Does anyone on the left understand right and wrong? Do any of them understand that some things humans do are morally reprehensible or is everything relative? If we could find one that understands it, it certainly won’t be Colman McCarthy. We can say this because this week the former Washington Post columnist and current director for the farcical Washington-based “Center for Teaching Peace” said that he “admires” people who “join armies” and, revealing his moral ignorance, he said he even admires those that join the Taliban’s “army.”
In a recent Washington …

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Guess Why Kansas State Lost The Pinstrip Bowl
  31 Dec 2010     9:00 am      William Teach

This ones a doozy
Coffman, who played brilliantly in his last college game, led the (Kansas State) Wildcats into Syracuse territory and connected with Hilburn near the sideline about 10 yards down field. After winning a footrace to the end zone, he dropped the ball, did a quick salute and turned to celebrate with his teammates.
The flags came flying and the 2-point attempt turned into a desperation play.
That’s right, campers, K State was given a penalty for excessive celebration for…..throwing a quick …

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Cult Of Globull Warming Plans To Go Back To Basics In 2011
  31 Dec 2010     7:43 am      William Teach

Well, well, well, perhaps now we can finally get to the heart of the matter
Hey America! Are you ready to get wonky on global warming?
After a year that started with fallout from the “Climategate” e-mail release, saw the cap-and-trade bill die in Congress, and ended with a gang of Republican climate skeptics winning House and Senate seats, global warming experts are going back to basics.
Finally. Now, maybe they can start from scratch, follow the scientific method, show their raw data, stop using their idiotic computer models…….wait, what?
Environmentalists, scientists and lawmakers …

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“Happy F—–’ New Year” (from New York City’s Big Labor)
  31 Dec 2010     3:47 am      Jane Jamison

Newborn Baby and 75-year old woman die due to long waits
Union slow-down blamed for failure to remove snow

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Feminist Resistance
  31 Dec 2010     2:39 am      Donald Douglas

Just sharing something I found when writing my earlier post, “Sady Doyle Cheers Penis Amputation in Sweden!”
Here’s a 1994 flashback from the New York Times, “Mrs. Bobbitt is Symbol of Feminist Resistance“:

To the Editor:
Like most of the American mass media, you have framed the Lorena L. Bobbitt affair as an issue of penile mutilation. You ignore the social context of Lorena Bobbitt’s actions.
Prof. Catharine MacKinnon of the University of Michigan and the writer Andrea Dworkin long ago pointed to the institution of marriage as a legal cover for the act …

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Charitable Giving. Who Gives More?
  30 Dec 2010     10:57 pm      Kathleen McKinley

If you have been reading me long, you know my favorite post to repost is the one where I quote Arthur C. Brooks, a professor at Syracuse University, who published “Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism.” In this book/study, Brooks found that:
– Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household
– Conservatives also donate more time and give more blood.
I also wrote about the charitable giving …

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We knew it was dangerous because science said so. Now, science says otherwise.
  30 Dec 2010     6:51 pm      TrogloPundit

It was dangerous. Now it isn’t. Thanks, science, for clearing that up.
Saccharin was first listed as a hazardous waste in 1980 after studies in rats showed the sweetener caused higher rates of bladder cancer. The EPA subsequently determined it to be a “potential human carcinogen”. Yet two decades later, the National Toxicology Program and International Agency for Research on Cancer reversed that classification after scientists failed to link saccharin consumption to cancer in humans.
Saccharin was removed from their listings of hazardous substances. The EPA has now followed suit…
Saccharin …

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Time Magazine Confirms: Liberal Media Has Jumped the Shark on Global Warming Hoax
  30 Dec 2010     6:10 pm      Dave Blount

It isn’t just the barking moonbat self-parodies at the snicker-inducing New York Times. The establishment liberal press has officially jumped the shark, rendering itself irrelevant to the world of adults with its desperate attempt to convince the cretinously gullible that the harsh winter weather we’ve been witnessing is caused by the chimerical global warming crisis. See if you can keep a straight face while reading this from Time Magazine:
…while piles of snow blocking your driveway hardly conjure images of a dangerously warming world, it doesn’t mean that climate change is …

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Sustainable Kwanzaa
  30 Dec 2010     6:06 pm      Dave Blount

Although it’s hard to compete with Lenin’s Birthday/Earth Day, this is a festive time of year even for progressives, with possibly the ultimate moonbat event taking place today in Nashville:
A “Sustainable Kwanzaa” event will be 5-11 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 30th at the Peabody Corner Food Court, 319 Peabody St., courtesy of the George W. Carver Food Park team and EarthMatters Tennessee.
“This year’s event will highlight seven organizations in the Nashville area that promote and represent the Nguzo Saba or the Seven Principles associated with the seven-day cultural holiday,” said Karen …

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Stagehands Extort Hundreds of Thousands From Theater Goers
  30 Dec 2010     11:56 am      Warner Todd Huston

If there never was a story that explains how unions are really little else but a criminal extortion racket, the story by James Ahearn in the New Jersey Began Record helps explain it for us. Ahearn’s piece headlined “For Backstage Labor, Rich Rewards,” informs us that some stagehands in New York theater make upwards to $422,000 a year in salary — and that doesn’t include benefits.
These positions are not as highly skilled as brain surgeons, to be sure, yet these guys make hundreds of thousands a year to move chairs, …

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Foreclosures to Surge in 2011!
  30 Dec 2010     10:21 am      Donald Douglas

Hey, now that’s some change!
At Daily Caller:

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, estimates that there will be 1.8 million foreclosed homes in the United States this year, and that the numbers will be even higher in 2011. Moody’s estimates that foreclosures should peak next year at 2.1 million, Zandi said.
A spike in foreclosures is a major reason why home prices fell in 20 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas in October from September — the first time that has happened since Feb. 2009.
Also at The Other McCain: “Foreclosures …

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Democrats Freak Out Over Bumper Sticker Depicting Obama Being Hit By Train
  30 Dec 2010     9:32 am      William Teach

Did I mention that the bumper sticker appears to be bloody?
A top state Republican is taking offense at a Democratic bumper sticker that he claims shows a train slamming into Governor-elect Scott Walker’s head in a bloody crash.
The bumper sticker is available on the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s Web site. It depicts a train hitting Walker’s head with jagged red impact marks flying out. The sticker is emblazoned with the words “High Speed Fail.”
Rep. Robin Vos (R-Racine) said the red marks imply blood. He said the …

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Newest Fad, Reducing Light Pollution, Gains Steam
  30 Dec 2010     9:09 am      William Teach

We’ll start off with the question, is light actually “pollution”? Or is simply a result of living a modern lifestyle, so that people can go out after dark, instead of huddling and hiding in shacks against the predators of the night? Anyhow, once again, a good, sensible idea is taken to Stupid
The push to turn down the lights in American cities is gaining broad support from several unlikely allies — from conservationists and builders to city planners and the military.
Dark-sky legislation — laws requiring such measures as …

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