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The Mysterious Disappearance of Ann Coulter
  30 Jun 2010     11:57 pm      Jenn Q. Public

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal
The American Prospect didn’t get much attention for breaking a huge story earlier this month: the mysterious disappearance of Ann Coulter.
Few of us realized she was missing, but luckily crack detective Paul Waldman was on the case.  The Media Matters alum was determined to find an answer to the question no one else was asking:  “Whatever Happened to Ann Coulter?”
Remember Ann Coulter? Seems like just yesterday she was Queen of the Right, the whole political world hanging on her every bile-laced tirade. Yet she’s …

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Alexa’s Top 5 Must Reads 6/30/10
  30 Jun 2010     11:37 pm      Alexa Shrugged

Why Obamanomics Has Failed WSJ
The president, his friends and advisers talk endlessly about the circumstances they inherited as a way of avoiding responsibility for the 18 months for which they are responsible. But they want new stimulus measures—which is convincing evidence that they too recognize that the earlier measures failed.
EXACTLY! Instead of blaming Bush, get up and do something about it! Kind of like Gov. McDonnell did!
In her own hand: Kagan’s manipulation on partial-birth abortion Hot Air
By Ed Morrissey
Note the deletion of the word “not” in the original statement, …

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Crisis of Capitalism, The Critique
  30 Jun 2010     5:25 pm      Lee Doren

I know many of you have seen my 4-Part, “Story of Stuff, The Critique.” Since that time, I have had requests to make another video like it. Finally, I’ve gotten around to it in the video below.
It is a critique of a Marxian Professor who attempts to explain the current financial crisis from a Marxist perspective. I debunk it via a simple look at the Census data. Hope you enjoy it.

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Is Epistemic Closure A Problem? Not So Much….
  30 Jun 2010     4:12 pm      John Hawkins

The term “epistemic closure” has been tossed around in conservative circles more than a few times over the last year. If you’re wondering what “epistemic closure” means, it’s basically just a fancy term for being close-minded. The people using this term almost inevitably turn out to be liberals or moderates who are catching flack from conservatives for their views.
So, do they have a point? For the most part, no, they don’t. Let me explain.
First off, conservatives are conservative, just like liberals are liberal, because they tend to believe certain things. …

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“Eat Shit and Die, ‘Blue Commie Texan’”
  30 Jun 2010     3:00 pm      Donald Douglas

I can’t recommend Melanie Phillips’ new book enough: The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power. Those of us on the side of right are endlessly smacking down the upside-down destroyers of America. Phillips writes that the radical left possesses an “infallible” sense of certainty through which no amount of reason or evidence can penetrate. “It is hard to overstate the influence on our culture that is wielded by the doctrines of anti-imperialism, multiculturalism, feminism, environmentalism and the like.” These are the foundations of the …

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Empowerment: Women Now Choose Objectification Over ‘Creepy’ Breastfeeding
  30 Jun 2010     2:35 pm      Lori Ziganto

Originally posted at NewsReal:
You’ve come a long way, baby. But make sure you keep babies off my “fun bags.” Or so says Kathryn Blundell, editor at the parenting magazine, Mother &  Baby.
Under the headline “I formula fed. So what?”, Kathryn Blundell says in this month’s Mother & Baby that she bottlefed her child from birth because “I wanted my body back. (And some wine)… I also wanted to give my boobs at …

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Moonbats Are Painting Andes White to Please Gaia
  30 Jun 2010     1:57 pm      Dave Blount

Since the imaginary global warming crisis is absurd, efforts to combat it must also be absurd. Fortunately, moonbats have the ideal mindset to come up with appropriate solutions — such as painting the Andes white:
By painting the mountains, Eduardo Gold hopes to replicate the effect of Andean glaciers, which reflect back sunlight and hence heat back through the atmosphere.
This sounds like a joke, but they’re actually doing it.
Four workmen have been given the task of painting three peaks, starting with Peru’s Chalon Sombrero peak, which lies 4,756 metres above sea …

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Obama May Be Turning Jews Against Democrats
  30 Jun 2010     1:45 pm      Dave Blount

Some good may actually come of the catastrophic farce known as the Obama Administration — provided Jews learn from it to stop shooting themselves in the foot by supporting Democrats.
McLaughlin & Associates, a national polling company, recently released the “National Survey of Jewish Voters” which reported that while Jewish voters favored Obama 78 percent to 12 percent in the 2008 presidential exit polls, currently, “only 42 percent of voters would re-elect him, while the plurality (46 percent) would consider voting for someone else.”
The main reason: Obama, like the increasingly radical …

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Most Ethical White House EVAH Forgets to Mention $40K Payout
  30 Jun 2010     11:47 am      Warner Todd Huston

Back in the hoary days of the Obama transition Obamaniacs and other sycophants were rushing to the microphones to tell us all that we voters had just hired the most ethical White House ever. Why, White House transition team co-chair John Podesta even claimed that Obama was instituting the “strictest ethics rules ever applied” as Obama prepared to take office. But since Obama’s whirlwind campaign we’ve seen all those sternly announced ethics rules constantly waived for Obama’s friends and favorite hires. And just this week we see yet another example …

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Another Journo Turned Politico Turned Journo Again
  30 Jun 2010     11:46 am      Warner Todd Huston

Well we’ve got a case of another journalist that turned into a political operative that now wants to go back to being a journalist. And would you be surprised that the journo/politico/journo redux is a Democrat? I would hope you wouldn’t because the right leaning journo to politico hardly ever happens (though it has been known to).
This time it’s one Bob Reed former Chicago reporter and editor of Crain’s Chicago Business turned mouthpiece for Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Reed quit the journalism trade to head up Pat Quinn’s communications …

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7 Things Every Blogger Should Know How To Do (Besides Write)
  30 Jun 2010     10:58 am      John Hawkins

#1) Network: Blogging IS NOT just a good old boys club, but that doesn’t mean networking doesn’t help. If someone is deciding whether to link your article or a similar article, liking you may mean you get the nod. Is someone more likely to link you because they met you at CPAC? Absolutely. If someone remembers you from Facebook or Twitter, does that improve your chances of getting a link? Yep. Yep. Yep. So reach out to some people. Best case scenario, it’ll mean more traffic and opportunities. Worst case …

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Guantanamo Prison Will Stay Open
  30 Jun 2010     10:58 am      Kathleen McKinley

Coming as no surprise to conservatives, it doesn’t look likely that Pres. Obama will close Gitmo:
WASHINGTON — Stymied by political opposition and focused on competing priorities, the Obama administration has sidelined efforts to close the Guantánamo prison, making it unlikely that President Obama will fulfill his promise to close it before his term ends in 2013.
As Marc Theissen points out, this news item naturally came out on Saturday in the NYT on page A13:
If you want to see what news the Obama administration is hoping you will miss, …

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Kathleen Parker: “Say, Obama Is Kinda Feminine, Isn’t He?”
  30 Jun 2010     9:43 am      William Teach

I generally avoid mentioning Chatty Kathy Parker, as I do most of the other fake Conservatives (see John Hawkins’ latest article on David Frum for more on these types of weenies). Yet, this article is fasinating in her opinion of PeBO, starting with the headline Obama: Our first female president
If Bill Clinton was our first black president, as Toni Morrison once proclaimed, then Barack Obama may be our first woman president.
Well, he does wear “mom jeans.”

No, I’m not calling Obama a girlie president. But . . . he may …

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Kerry-Lieberman Energy And “Jobs” Bill Is A Jobs Killer
  30 Jun 2010     8:45 am      William Teach

Remember this little nugget from John Kerry back on June 6th on ABC’s “This Week”?
“Every major study that has been done by a legitimate group … shows that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs to be created if you pass our (cap-and-trade) legislation. And if you wind up pricing carbon.”
Uh huh. PolitiFact had their own take on that quote. And, of course, President Clueless is telling Senators to include carbon limits in the energy bill (though, really, do many in Congress actually listen to Obama?). Oh, and, hey, look, …

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Where’s the aftermath report?: Housing Scandal Falling by Wayside While others See Continuous Daylight
  30 Jun 2010     8:23 am      Heather Bachman

           Let’s face it: we are nation that loves scandal. With TMZ growing by the second and “trash magazines” such as the National Enquirer seeing no downfall from the supposed death of the print publication, it’s eminent that we love to gasp at the woes of society. 
                The only problem with this is it hasn’t evolved.  Controversy’s attention should result because it’s a good story ,but also because it involves something regarding our current events.   For instance, with the economy still not completely repaired it is financial situations such as …

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Right Wing News vs. David Frum, Little Green Footballs, Media Matters, & Excitable Andy!
  30 Jun 2010     8:16 am      John Hawkins

On Monday, I smacked David Frum around on RWN, partially for being David Frum, but mostly for complaining about being denied a spot in the Blogads Conservative Hive.
David Frum did fire back, but honestly, just between you, me, and all the other people who will read this today, I initially wasn’t planning to respond because it was well…very weak tea. It was like Frum wrote the response while he was really sleepy or something. So, what’s the point of rehashing the same old argument, right?
However, something happened that turned me …

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Daily Kos & Research 2000: A Marriage Made In Bias Heaven
  30 Jun 2010     1:37 am      Melissa Clouthier

So, these two self-absorbed, narcissistic “in crowd” people hook up, get married and together, they have a smugly satisfying good run. People looking from the outside thought, honey, I don’t think he’s what he’s advertising. But you know what they say about love….
And then, shock! He’s a creep. Everyone else saw it, well, those who weren’t sycophantic hangers on saw it. Too late. The snotty brat who married the total doofus got hers. They’re both brought low by their nefarious deeds. No one cries for them.
Oh right…this is metaphorical. The …

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Half Of Working Adults Have Been Recession Affected
  30 Jun 2010     1:08 am      Melissa Clouthier

This does not surprise me at all. From Pew research:
More than half (55%) of all adults in the labor force say that since the Great Recession began 30 months ago, they have suffered a spell of unemployment, a cut in pay, a reduction in hours or have become involuntary part-time workers, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Social and Demographic Trends Project.

The survey also finds that the recession has led to a new frugality in …

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Elena Kagan Writes The Partial Birth Abortion Language For The American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: FILIBUSTER HER, UPDATED
  30 Jun 2010     12:42 am      Melissa Clouthier

I knew science was political. And I knew political types like to monkey with science. But this action by Elena Kagan should disqualify her from the Supreme Court. In addition, the ACOG should be abandoned by science-minded doctors.
Here’s the story:
It seems that the most important statement in the famous position paper of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—a 1996 document that was central to the case of partial-birth-abortion defenders for the subsequent decade and played a major role in a number of court cases and political battles—was drafted not …

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Oops! Perhaps Marc Ambinder Can Provide Some Facts For His Own Agitprop
  29 Jun 2010     7:47 pm      William Teach

I caught this little bit of Obama propaganda through ye olde Twitter, via Doug Mataconis at Outside The Beltway. Headline from Marc: Agitprop Alert: The Jones Act And The Oil Spill (ps: those who are serving a far, far left agenda should probably not be throwing around words like “agitprop“). Here is his central point
The truth: Not a single government that has offered its assets for free has been refused by the U.S. … The government, on Obama’s orders, is moving to quickly streamline the complicated procedures …

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