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Democratic Self-Delusion
  30 Sep 2009     10:11 pm      McQ

I love quotes like this because it gives you a little hint about the level of the left’s self-delusion and intellectual bankruptcy.
“A Primer on Reconciliation,” put together by Ken Strickland of NBC at First Read does a nice job of explaining the arcane process and some of the limits that will make it both difficult and risky to push health reform through that process, despite the appealing feature that it can bypass Republican obstruction.

Although the “Primer” is quite instructive (you can find it here), the point of the post …

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I like guns. (Plus, my hilarious anti-gun hate mail)
  30 Sep 2009     8:05 pm      Ashley Herzog

Yeah, that’s me on the right.
As you may have heard, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case against Chicago’s gun ban this week. Therefore, we can expect lots of hysteria from know-nothing anti-gun crusaders who get all their facts from Michael Moore documentaries.
I’ve written about gun rights–here and here. The hate mail I generated from these columns was hostile, malicious…and hilarious. Therefore, I’d like to share with you a few highlights from my inbox over the years.

Deep thoughts from an OU genius (I accidentally deleted the message, but …

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Shouldn’t We All Agree on Polanski?
  30 Sep 2009     5:15 pm      Lee Doren

How is it that Hollywood is wrong about everything?

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Feminists and rape. And Whoopi Goldberg is an idiot.
  30 Sep 2009     4:07 pm      Tabitha Hale

Crossposted at
According a recent conversation on The View, there are apparently varying degrees of rape. And Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t think that oral, anal, and vaginal pentration, despite being told no (several times), was actually rape.
So here’s the thing, Whoopi. Rape is rape. As AllahPundit pointed out, Samantha Geimer’s testimony claims that it was, in fact, a “rape-rape”. And really, the only other person involved admitted to giving quaaludes and champaigne to a child before sodomizing her, so who do you trust?
Tommy Christopher sums up my thoughts exactly.
Whoopi floats the …

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20 Random 140 Character Quotations
  30 Sep 2009     4:01 pm      John Hawkins

* “Who would be free themselves must strike the blow. Better even to die free than to live slaves.” — Frederick Douglass
* “A right is not what someone gives you; it’s what no one can take from you.” — Ramsey Clark
* “The larger the slice taken by government, the smaller the cake available for everyone.” — Margaret Thatcher
* “The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying b@stards.” — Alexander Jablokov
* “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.” …

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Chicago Sun Times ATTACKS Drudge Report
  30 Sep 2009     3:39 pm      Alex Nobles

(via Political Lore Blog):The Chicago Sun Times ran the headline “Drudge wrong on Web site report”. Of course the newspaper who is in Chicago, who has a Chicago 2016 banner at the top of their site, who is posed to gain millions if the games are in town, is being truthful here. The Sun Times has every right to “fact check” the Drudge Report’s story on a local Chicago TV station being strong-armed to stop covering negative sentiment about the games. But the story that the Sun Times printed was …

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Best Of Jaz McKay Show Featuring John Hawkins. 4:07 PM EST
  30 Sep 2009     3:38 pm      John Hawkins

Jaz Mckay is out today, so they’ve told me that there is going to be a John Hawkins/Jaz McKay “Best of” segment that starts at 4:07 PM EST. You can listen to it here.

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NC Terrorism Suspect’s Home Searched
  30 Sep 2009     3:19 pm      Dan Riehl

It’s getting so it is hard to keep up with all these guys. Anes Subasic – a Bosnian Muslim. Plenty of info and links via Wikio. A CD labeled “September 11, 2001″ in Arabic? Gee, what could that possibly be?
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Federal investigators have searched the home of a North Carolina terrorism suspect, seizing counterterrorism literature, ammunition and portable electronics.
A search warrant released Wednesday shows agents searched the home of Anes Subasic, who was living in Holly Springs with his father. Investigators last Friday gathered flash storage devices, …

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Lefty Outrage at ‘Conservative’ Article Misses Key Fact, Writer Isn’t Conservative
  30 Sep 2009     3:18 pm      Warner Todd Huston

The left is in an uproar today. They got their panties in a bunch over a piece that ran on the conservative newsblog where it was suggested that Obama’s irresponsible actions as president could result in a military coup that would “restore” the Constitution.
Not completely without reason, many lefty blogs have lost their tiny little minds over this article. The piece was written by NewsMax blog contributor John L. Perry and talked of a “bloodless coup” where “Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars.” Perry wondered if …

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A Telling Quote on Slavery Reparations
  30 Sep 2009     3:00 pm      Warner Todd Huston

If you want to know what the ultimate goal is of those that want reparations for the American slave trade, you have to look no farther than a telling quote that appeared in the Memphis Commercial Appeal on September 25.
For slavery reparation advocates, the ultimate desire is not contrition, no apology will do, no memorial statues or finger wagging in Congress is satisfactory. Nothing less than punitive sanctions against living Americans for an institution that is 150 years dead is what these people want.
The article in question details the efforts …

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I Get Emails: Funny Graphic Of The Day + Bush Vs. Obama
  30 Sep 2009     2:34 pm      John Hawkins

Let me say the same thing today that I said about Bush when he was President: Although I think Bush did a much better job on national security issues and foreign policy than people give him credit for, he was a huge disappointment on the domestic front.
Yet, horrible approval rating and terrible messaging aside, Bush was a much better, more competent, and skilled President than Obama. That’s even the case if you set aside ideological issues.
Bush was more transparent, worked better with the other side, was a much more skilled …

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Berkeley Signs UN Treaties
  30 Sep 2009     2:18 pm      Dave Blount

Unwilling to wait for the kakistocracy in DC to drag the entire country down to its level on unhinged moonbattery, Berkeley is signing United Nations treaties as if it were a sovereign country:
Berkeley became the first city in the United States, and possibly the world, to agree to international human rights treaties on Tuesday night, after the City Council approved a measure usually reserved for countries.
After a brief but spirited debate, the City Council voted unanimously to allow unpaid interns to report to the United Nations on how, or whether, …

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18 Random 140 Character Thoughts
  30 Sep 2009     2:10 pm      John Hawkins

* At the end of the day, it’s the misguided people with HI IQs, not the stupid people, who create huge disasters.
* They say conservatives are woman-haters and libs progressive, but it’s the liberals who excuse Polanski for rape.
* One of the things I hate most about conspiracy theories is how much time and energy better spent elsewhere they use up.
* All the libs who believe the GOP has shriveled down to nothing are going to be in for a rude surprise in 2010.
* I’d prefer that we stop Iran …

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ACORN Front Group Nailed for Vote Fraud in New York
  30 Sep 2009     2:03 pm      Dave Blount

One reason Comrade Obama and the ultra-left leadership in Congress have shown such open contempt for the consequences their extreme agenda will have at the polls is they have been counting on their foot soldiers in ACORN to tilt the balance with operations like this:
Dozens of forged and fraudulent absentee ballots from people registered to vote on the Working Families Party line were filed in the Sept. 15 primary elections in Troy [New York], the Times Union has learned.
Many of the questionable ballots were filed under the names of students …

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Communist dictators: Not hot.
  30 Sep 2009     2:02 pm      Ashley Herzog

(Cross-posted on my blog, Herzogian.)
My column on YAF’s “No More Che Day”–an effort to expose the real Che Guevara and his role in the Castro regime–ran on Townhall yesterday. Enjoy!
On the eve of the French Revolution, the aristocrats inhabiting the palace of Versailles enjoyed, “as an ironic lark, sporting the clothing of the working classes,” according to writer Charles Stenson. These pampered elites were undisturbed by the fact that their peasant getups mocked the real peasants, many of whom were dying as a result of the elites’ self-serving policies.
These clueless …

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My Latest VLog: Obama’s Cult of Personality
  30 Sep 2009     1:06 pm      Duane Lester

I started vlogging a few weeks ago and completed my third episode last night. I’d love to hear your feedback:

Here is the first one, the “Why the Right Opposes ObamaCare” and the second, “How The Left Uses Race to Try to Silence Criticism…and Why They Fail .”
Let me know what you think in the comments and if you like them, please remember to rate them on YouTube.

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Federal Recovery Tracking Website Hides $$ to ACORN
  30 Sep 2009     12:12 pm      Warner Todd Huston

We are discovering that Obama’s promised transparency only goes so far in reporting where stimulus money ends up going. The new tracking website,, is supposed to let us all know where the federal “stimulus” money is going but apparently will not track money that goes to groups like the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).
The Denver Post published a story by reporter Miles Moffeit that reveals that the stimulus tracking website will only report so far into the chain of agencies and organizations that end up receiving …

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Why Is Everyone Going All Domestic Military Violence?
  30 Sep 2009     11:45 am      Melissa Clouthier

Good grief! I go to Memeorandum and see looney tunes from across the spectrum talking about war–not with Afghanistan or Iran–but war with ourselves.
A coup.
A dictatorship.
Is there a rhetorical war? Yes. Are the leftists intent on “remaking America” blisteringly angry? Yes. Are the Silent Majority stirred? Yes.
Does that mean people are going to scoop up their arms and aim for dirty hippies or dudes in Brooks Brothers suits (both most likely liberals, but let’s just play along with stereotypes for a minute)? Please. As troubled as America may be economically, …

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The Left Has Lost The Narrative
  30 Sep 2009     10:53 am      Melissa Clouthier

Consider all the ways they’ve undermined themselves. It’s delicious:
Racism: They’ve pulled the trump card too many times. Obama finished the narrative with his presumption of guilt with the arresting officer of his old buddy Yale professor Skp Gates.
Sexism: Between tossing Hillary Clinton like a used dinner napkin and treating Sarah Palin like the sexy high school librarian from a porno, the Left pretty much killed their credibility for loving women and equality.
“It’s for the children”: Uh, right. Tell the kids in D.C. trying to get a decent education that. Tell …

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Here Comes The Senate Cap And Tax Bill!
  30 Sep 2009     9:30 am      William Teach

And it is only 800 pages!
A climate change bill circulating in the Senate on Tuesday is slightly more ambitious than one passed in the House of Representatives, but still has many details to be worked out on how to encourage companies to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases.
The legislation by Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry to be formally unveiled on Wednesday aims to reduce smokestack emissions of carbon dioxide by 20 percent by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050 — from 2005 levels.
Sweet! And, such transparency! Halp us Jon …

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